Thursday, October 4, 2012

Female Blogger & DJ Calls Mr. Vegas A Lying Cunt

Since Mr. Vegas' initial rants,  threatening to publish a sex tape of his common-law wife infidelity and unacceptable behaviour. It appears that a battle royale may be brewing.

On Wednesday Vegas said,"At least mi get a laugh this morning! when mi see the video, the gal say, 'b***h in your face, yuh nuh si mi upgrade.' the gal say har man a doctor, but i just get the full info say Dr phillip a nuh real doctor, him only put the Dr. before him name. yuh get trick bitch!!!! no wonder he was using my house as a f*** shop. not to mention, i heard that this dude is that the unconditional love we been hearing about?!!!! so how you leave me because mi have woman, but yuh gone to a married man, i hope him wife seeing these messages,” 

Now, persons seemingly anxious to tell the other side of this saga have come out seeking to add a sense of clarity to the situation. One such person is Barbadian-Canadian blogger and disc jock, Carla ‘Babbzy’ Babb, who claims that she has inside knowledge of Vegas’ own transgressions.

Babb, in a video blog posted on Thursday, held nothing back in talking about Vegas’ personal life, intimating that Vegas and McBayne had been broken up for months, while telling stories of relationships Vegas had with other women while involved with his baby mother.

“Vegas and his baby mother been done, like months, like they’re not together. So you can’t give somebody ‘bun’ that you’re not with, they’ve been broken up from January, February times. This has been confirmed,” Babb said.
“In January, February, she found out about another woman, they broke up ‘cause he cheats all the time because Shelly is baby mother number five, he has five baby mothers, his oldest child is eight, he’s been with her seven years.”

Babb also insisted that critics should top branding McBayne as a gold digger given that she used to do bookings on his behalf and wonders why more people haven’t stood up and chastised Vegas for his actions. Additionally, she claimed that Vegas has ‘jump offs’ in Toronto and Barbados and warned the Bruk It Dung singer to stop lying or it could ‘get ugly,’ as Babb claims that videos exist of Vegas having sexual relations with these women.

Vegas has yet to address any of these claims but was seen tweeting about a performance he gave at a benefit concert last night, thanking fans and God for giving him the strength to carry on.

“Thanks to God almighty, for giving me the strength to perform at the RockHouse Foundation's annual benefit to raise money to build schools in Jamaica this evening. I felt like heaven lifted some of my troubles off my shoulders as I sang "I Am Ready To Rise Again," Vegas said.