Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bounty Killer Lashes Out After British Singer Joss Stone Named 'Reggae Artiste Of The Year'

Following a recent publication by the internationally renowned Billboard Magazine naming British singer Joss Stone as 'Reggae Artiste Of The Year' and her album 'Water For Your Soul' as 'Reggae Album Of The Year', militant dancehall artiste and leader of the Alliance Bounty Killer has not taken kindly to the announcement and recently took to Instagram to lash out at several industry practitioners and the Jamaican Government for their lack of support.

A seemingly upset Bounty says that local entertainers including the Marleys and the government are not doing enough, if anything at all to preserve the genre. While asking how many more foreign acts are we going to allow to be beneficiaries of our culture before we begin to seriously address the issues before turning his ire onto the Billboard magazine

His Instagram post read: 
"Dear Government of Jamaica, Reggae/ Dancehall Artistes, What are you doing to preserve Reggae Music? What measures are implemented for A genre birthed on the Island which is widely celebrated elsewhere, giving others the chance to benefit more than us? How many more Matisyahu's, Eddi Murphy's, and Josh Stone's will there be to benefit more than our people who do not fall short on talent? The problem is a momentous one with all of you collectively to blame. I urge you to STOP CHASTISING Reggae and Dancehall music and step up to the podium to defend and demand what is rightfully ours. You're all doing big things separately, when will you put aside the badmind, crab in barrels, I'm booked and busy and you're not so I don't care mentality and FIGHT as a UNIT for the accolades we deserve? Dont tell me getting 5 minutes on the BET AWARDS or a feature on some American Artiste album is ENOUGH? At the end of the tours, concerts etc.where are the Internationally recognized accolades rewarding your best effort? The Government, and the Marley boys as Internationally recognized as they are have a voice that they don't use to assist Reggae/Dancehall except for their own family's personal gain. Wake up Jamaica. Shit like this is UNACCEPTABLE! Fuck what Billboard says, ain't no Reggae Artiste more deserving than a Jamaican doing authentic Reggae music!"

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