Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Gully Bop and Heavy D Split, Artiste Says He's Being Robbed [WATCH VIDEO]

Rags to riches deejay Gully Bop currently on his inaugural U.S tour has dropped another bombshell announcement on the entertainment industry after posting a video stating he had severed ties with  agents heavy D and Mc Nuffy.

According to Bop who appeared to be at the airport in New York City, he wants the entire Jamaica and the world to know that Heavy D and Mc Nuffy are no longer authorised to conduct any business on his behalf. A seemingly upset Gully Bop says they are robbing him and he is not pleased with the percentage splits.

"Heavy D nuh have nothing fi do with Gully Bop career again... no more booking agent mi don't want Heavy D book nothing fi mi ...because him a gwaan like him want split mi money 50/25 like him want take 50% and give me 25%. If mi follow Heavy D mi ago go back inna di gully and chu mi nuh want guh back inna di gully mi don't want Heavy D round mi. Nuh even want Nuffy near mi them man deh  a rob mi Jamaica people."

He continued, "Jamaica dem a robber same way den mash down Tommy Lee them a try mash me down people.. so hear what people Gully Bop den pon him own.. right now mi den ah di airport because them claim seh Gully Bop nuh know nutten."

Bop says he is scouting for new management and will advise the public in due course.

No stranger to controversy Gully Bop and Mc Nuffy recently took popular selector Tony Matterhorn to task during a stop in New York City.

In a video recording, Bop and Mc Nuffy chided Matterhorn saying they saw him on Facebook with a man rubbing down his belly like jelly before stating that "fi one likkle matterhorn and him likkle b***y gone."

Matterhorn via an online video has since issued a stern warning to the two.