Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Comedian Wally British Responds To Criticism & Being Clapped Off Stage [WATCH VIDEO]

Popular social media personality Wally British has finally broken her silence on the lacklustre performance at the recent staging of Oral Tracey's comedy show, Let Loose.

Held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Sunday night, British felt the wrath of the audience after she failed to make a good enough connection with the crowd during her set and was eventually clapped off stage when the tough crowd got fed up with what she brought to the table.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, British said that although what transpired on Sunday night struck an emotional chord, she took it as a learning experience.

"Mi always know say when it come down to like a straight up stand-up comedy show, transitioning from one argument to the other, mi nuh have that down pat and that's what reach mi wen mi deh deh," she said. 

"Yuh see wen mi hear it (the clapping) and the smaddy walk cross the stage and show mi say a time, likkle most mi drop di mic pan di stage cause a first dis a happen," she added.

She went on to say that what happened to her on Sunday night has happened to the greatest of performers and has only helped to make her stronger.

"Mi feel some type a way, yes, but when mi overall it, a nuh nutten. Fi feel like a wah dis happen to me cause mi know say dis happen to di best a wi," she explained.

"Mi nuh see nuh entertainer, nuh artiste weh dis nuh happen to enuh. Wally British deh yah and we only a get better."

She also used the opportunity to let her fans know that she was still in good spirits.