Monday, June 18, 2018

Birdie Promotions Soars Across The Entertainment Landscape

When one hears the name Birdie Fluff it may not readily conjure an image in your head but this Jamaican born, Washington based entertainment practitioner has been steadily carving out a niche for herself across the diaspora as one of the industry's most enterprising marketing and promotions connoisseur.

Hailing from the Washington D.C. metropolis, Birdie an avid supporter of Caribbean culture made her foray into the industry almost a decade and a half ago as an event promoter and in 2013 decided to launch her own promotional company Birdie Promotions LLC. That same year, her establishment was lauded for its efforts with the 'Social Media Marketing Award at one of the city's most premium events (Kirk Vybz's Promoters Ball & Ceremony).

Two years later, she took the decision to up the ante on her marketing portfolio with the launch of Birdie Promotions Magazine (BPM), a publication exclusively geared towards advertising. However, this format quickly evolved by the second issue with additional features to incorporate a plethora of the diaspora's emerging talents in music and entertainment. The magazine would soon become a platform for artists whether established or burgeoning. Throughout the years the magazine which has grown significantly featured some of North America and the Caribbean's most popular personalities namely; Dexta Daps, Nesbeth, Govana, Gappy Ranks, Tifa, Vanessa Bling among a surfeit of others.

This CEO and Editor-in-chief's grit and enthusiasm are what distinguishes her distinctive persona. The aforementioned has propelled her craft and vision to develop a publication that now boasts an online version. BPM also offers a highly effective advertising medium to millions of print and online readers for marketing professionals and businesses alike with the aim of becoming a global brand.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Versi Stays Far From Fake Friends [WATCH VIDEO]

Recording artiste Versi formerly known as Versatile is warning persons against fake friends in his latest single, '3 Card Man'.

Speaking with THE STAR, Versatile said that he was inspired to pen the song because of his own encounters with disingenuous people.

So far, he said that the track has been receiving a lot of support.

"The feedback and the response I've been getting is good. Me phone a buzz off about this song. Basically, is like people see wah me go through because dem a go through it too, so dem love the song," said Versatile, who is known for other songs like Nah Be Ungrateful and Friend Til The End.

"It's one of those songs that people can relate to. It's about fake friends, pretenders, tricksters, who appear to be the best people when they are actually the worst. Just like the three card man, these fake friends are tricksters. Dem gwaan like dem mean yuh good, but they don't. They smile with you, but behind your back they tear you down."

Versatile said that since the song's release, speculations have been rife about who the track is aimed at. However, preferring to keep the vibe around the song positive as a form of encouragement to those dealing with 'fake friends', Versatile said that he is not feeding into those speculations.

"People nah blind to wah gwaan. Me used to par wid certain artistes and right now me just a do me thing, me nah par wid nobody. People think the song is aimed at a specific person or persons, but me nah call nuh name. Is just a real song talking about a real issue," he told THE STAR.

The song was produced by Hempton Music and was released about a month ago.

Veteran Jamaican Broadcaster Lauds Nesbeth

In a recent airing of the Barry G Show, the veteran broadcaster known for his compelling narratives and expansive knowledge base on topical issues decided to segue from the norm instead taking listeners on an in-depth journey throughout his childhood years.

During the broadcast, he spoke on a myriad of matters relating to his upbringing and the perils faced with various members of his family; resulting with him making a pledge that regardless of his circumstances he would never be a failure in life. Amid the broadcast, the Mello-FM ace man whose given name is Barrington Gordon also used the opportunity to laud Reggae crooner Nesbeth for his inspirational anthem 'Success Story', citing it as a major influence in his life.

"Those were some arduous years of my life and I made a pledge regardless of my situation I will never be a failure in life and that is why I love Nesbeth's song so much." - Barry G intimated.

Alluding to Barry G's pronouncement Nesbeth underscored that he's humbled by the recognition given and is happier knowing that through his music he was able to assist in ameliorating the situation.  

Coming on the heels of this revelation Nesbeth recently returned to the island from a surfeit of performances in the United Kingdom and North America with concert stops in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Maryland respectively, as part of ongoing efforts to drum up support for his upcoming debut album 'A.M.E.N'.

The acronym derives from the name of his late wife Ann-Marie Elliot Nesbeth. According to the singer, this inaugural body of work holds very sentimental meaning, hence he is taking a very inchmeal approach to crafting each record on the compilation. Nesbeth is set to release a new single titled 'Paper Route' in the days ahead. The track is currently available for pre-order via iTunes.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Bugle Tackles Relationship Issues In New Videos [WATCH VIDEOS]

Coming on the heels of an exhilarating performance at Sharkies Seafood Restaurant as part of the ongoing Appleton Estate Signature Nights series. Reggae singer Bugle over the weekend unveiled a pair of music videos tackling intimate relationships and the myriad of issues surrounding them.

The visuals for 'Unstable' and 'Replay', the latter featuring female songstress Shuga debuted on Saturday night via his official VEVO account 'Buglean9tedVEVO' to rave reviews. Shot throughout the Kingston and St. Andrew metropolis by filmmakers, Damaniac Visualz and Slick Studios respectively, the videos form part of an intense promotional campaign currently being undertaken by Bugle as the summer fast approaches.

The Rastafarian crooners say the intent behind releasing both projects simultaneously is that they work in tandem while creating a visual impact.

"Music is no longer merely about recording and releasing songs, nowadays you have to be bringing something more to the table and in this latest project, I chose to tackle the issue of relationships and the challenges involved. Also, you know once you have a song that is enjoying a certain level of presence people are expecting to see a video as we currently live in a world that is very visually driven so we have to make sure we use these various platforms to maximize our reach and get the message out to the masses." - Bugle intimated.

The 'Be Yourself' hitmaker says additional plans are already afoot for more visuals as the weeks unfold. This is based on the feedback of several additional recordings currently saturating the Diaspora.

Meanwhile, last month on Mother's Day (May 13th) Bugle who currently spearheads the very active An9ted Humanitarian Foundation (AHF) used his latest feeding initiative not only to assist the homeless but also pay tribute to the Mothers among the grouping. Blanketing the expanse of the Corporate Area the singer and his team made sure they were given special treatment, among being the first to be fed amid thanking them for their contribution to humanity despite their current social and economic perils.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Mad Patience Promises Something New For Dancehall [LISTEN AUDIO]

Mad Patience is not a name many in the entertainment industry are familiar with.

But in a recent interview with THE WEEKEND STAR, the artiste, who is the newest member of Aidonia's 4th Genna crew, says he is ready to become a household name in Jamaica.

"I won't say much, except that I'm versatile, I'm a part of one of the baddest crews in dancehall right now, and I'm coming with something Jamaica has never seen before," he said.

The 25-year-old artiste, whose given name is Trevonne Phillips, says although he has his sights set on building a career in music, he had no intentions of being an artiste.

"Me nuh know if the story believable, but me did just deh school one day, and I had some friends weh dance. They messaged me and tell me say fi meet dem a Big Yaad Studio, and when me reach, me realise say me really deh a one studio. Me see Shabba, and the whole environment was just captivating," he said. "They told me then that is record they wanted us to record because there was this artiste there that came from France, and he wanted like a choir kinda vibe on his song. We did affi memorise him song and record a likkle thing, and a from deh so me start look into music because it really did just come right a me foot."

That encounter was eight years ago, and at that moment, Mad Patience fell in love with music and began pursuing it professionally.

It took him some time, but he eventually made a link with Aidonia's crew, and with the help of his music family, he believes the time has come for him to introduce himself to Jamaica.

"Me learn a lot from Aidonia and 4th Genna. Me learn how to perform on stage from all the shows weh Aidonia carry me all over Jamaica. Me learn how to deliver me song dem, how fi write music, spend time on the product, how to promote me music. Me get whole heap a support from the camp weh help fi build me the real way, and now me ready," he said. "When we a come a di forefront, we wah make sure we have all the confidence in our craft, and me hold back until me reach deh so, and now, we a push forward straight."

The artiste is currently promoting his single, Cyaah Manage.

St. Vincent & The Grenadines Excited About Govana [WATCH VIDEO]

Fresh from his musical exploits in Toronto, Canada earlier this month, Dancehall artiste Govana is once again scheduled to depart the island later this week for a stint in the Lesser Antilles.

Billed as headliner, the 'Bake Bean' hitmaker will invade the Spotlight Stadium in Georgetown, St Vincent for a concert on Saturday, May 26 alongside a cadre of local talent. Though not his first time performing in the Caribbean archipelago this will mark his inaugural visit as a solo act, an endeavour which he anticipates.

"This will be my first time performing in St. Vincent as a solo artiste and based on feedback from the promoters, the fans are just as excited to see me as I am looking forward to performing for them." - Govana disclosed.

Almost fully booked for the summer, the 4th Genna deejay who has been having a superb year as one of the industry's newest breakout star, continues to enjoy a noticeable upsurge in popularity and demand. Gyal Clown, Breeze Rich Forever, Bake Bean and Better Than That featuring Jada Kingdom are among some of his most noteworthy singles. 

Following last weekend's invigorating performance at MVP Fridays, Govana has released two new singles 'One and Move', currently trending at No.3 on Youtube (Jamaica) and 'Hot Topic' both of which are already making steady in-row within the dancehall space, amid work on his upcoming EP.

Aside from working in his EP, Govana also intimated that plans are afoot for a series of new visuals in the weeks ahead.

Aidonia To 'Shutdown' Greece [WATCH VIDEO]

Considered one of Europe's biggest international urban clubbing festival, This year's staging of the Shutdown Festival is definitely upping the ante on their offerings with the annexation of Jamaican dancehall star Aidonia to their line-up.

Set against some of the worlds most exotic clubs, beaches and party hip strips. The five-day festival which gets on the way from May 23 - 27 in Zante, Greece will feature a plethora of the globe's biggest DJs and international artistes serving up the best in RnB, Hip Hop, Bashment, House, Garage, Afro Beats, Trap and Grime at the over fifteen planned events.

Making his debut in the Southeastern European country, Aidonia says he will definitely be bringing that authentic Jamaican dancehall vibe for which he is synonymous to the event.

"Though I have been to Europe several times and they are familiar with my brand, this will be my first time in Greece and therefore presents an opportunity for me not only to entertain but also broaden my fan base and spread the Jamaican dancehall culture. You know anywhere 4th Genna goes we always bring the energy, so fans can expect nothing but the best when we get there." - Aidonia intimated.

Meanwhile, amidst a full roster of activities for the upcoming summer season, the 4th Genna head honcho remains immersed in the studio working on material for his upcoming album. Alluding to the lengthy timeline for the project Aidonia says, it's all about timing and he wanted to deviate from the norm, but still, provide an offering that fans and the wider populace will appreciate musically. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Bugle, Shuga Collaborates On 'Replay'

Reggae artiste Bugle and female artiste Shuga recently shared the stage at Appleton Signature Nights, where the two gave a performance many are still talking about.

With a buzz still surrounding that set, the two have collaborated on a song, Replay, which they are currently promoting.

Bugle listed Shuga as one of the female artistes he has admired over the years and told THE STAR that he has the utmost respect for her and what she brings to the table as an entertainer.

"I've been admiring her talent from she was on Digicel Rising Stars and knew that I would eventually work with her. I just didn't know when it was going to happen," he said. "When the producer contacted me and sent that Replay track, I was ready, so all I said was, 'Let's get it done'."

Shuga, who hinted at the collab last month, also spoke highly of Bugle. She described the artiste as professional and said it was a joy working with him.

"Bugle is the type of artiste that really loves music, and so he just wants to get the best record out. He is very professional and precise with what he wants, and so it was easy working with him," she said.

Acknowledging that female artistes are usually marginalised in the music business, the Compatible singer said he enjoys working with females and encouraged the industry to be more open and welcoming of women.

"It's always fun working with female artistes. Female artistes are very passionate about their work, well at least the ones that I've worked with. I worked with Alaine on my first album. I worked with Queen Ifrica, Lady Saw, Tifa, and now, Shuga," Bugle said. "They all have that same passion about their work/music, so it's always a joy for me working with female acts, and I know if given the chance, many of them can and will make an impact on the industry."

Replay is already getting steady rotation on the BBC and other international media outlets.

Shuga, who is also gearing up to release the music video for her song Phenomenal Woman, says she is set to take her place in the industry and vows that "the music is getting better with time, and I am breaking new boundaries".

A video for Replay could also be released soon.