Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Compelling Set Earns Nesbeth Encore at Britain's O2 Arena [ WATCH VIDEO]

As the curtains come down on this year's World Champions in London, England. Where our athletes and the Jamaican culture took centre-stage. A lot of attention was placed on the island and its cultural impact and Reggae luminary Nesbeth was among a select group chosen as part of the undertaking to represent brand Jamaica on the global stage.

The singer and his band on Friday night (August 11th) made their debut at Britain's Indigo (O2 Arena) for the 2017 staging of  'Jamaica House' where he delivered an illustrious performance alongside compatriots Jesse Royal and reggae royalty Ziggy Marley.  During a compelling set which earned him an encore, Nesbeth also used the opportunity to pay tribute to victims of the Grenfell Tower Fire, which claimed the lives of over eighty persons. 

Prior to his departure off stage, the 'My Dream' hitmaker said, "It's my first time performing inside the O2 Arena and it was indeed a 'Success Story' thank you to the organisers, The Jamaican Government, Jamaica Tourist Board, London and all the people for this great opportunity"
Event organiser, Rob Hallett also lauded Nesbeth's inclusion stating, "He was exceptional, we have a full house here and he was one of the best acts. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him back in England very soon".

Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport in association with the Jamaica Tourist Board the week long festivities which ran from August 5-13 was held to commemorate the island's 55th Independence and to celebrate the legacy of Usain Bolt and the exploits of your athletes.

Still, in the United Kingdom, Nesbeth is expected to return to the island in the coming days for a performance this Sunday at the Marcus Garvey celebrations hosted by Irie FM before resuming work on his debut album. Plans are also afoot for the official video release for 'Success Story', a thought provoking composition produced by Foota Hype Music. The visual was shot by RD Studios and will mark the singer's third visual offering since the start of 2017. 

Neseth next international assignment will be in Houston, Texas in October.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wild Reactions to Aidonia's 'Yeah Yeah' song - Cops May Issue Public Advisory

Aidonia's new song, Yeah Yeah, was only released just over a month ago, but already it is considered one of the hottest songs of the summer.

The song is said to emanate such a strong dancehall vibe that listeners cannot help but behave wildly when it is played.

The latter was proved to be the case in the latest video to surface on social media. The video which surfaced on the weekend shows a conductor dancing wildly to the JOP boss' song, hanging outside of the bus door while the vehicle is in motion.

The video garnered so much attention that it reached Aidonia himself, who reposted it on his official Instagram page.

Although there was no caption included with the video, a mere repost signalled an approval by the deejay, and, no doubt, gained more attention as the entertainer has over 300,000 followers.

However, social media users have had mixed reactions to the conductor's actions since the video surfaced.

Some users heaped praises on him, stating that the song Yeah Yeah, is such a hot tune, people can't help but react in a manner similar to the conductor's.

Others, however, lamented that while people have all right to enjoy themselves to their favourite song, there is a time and place for everything. They chided the conductor for his actions, pointing out that his 'enjoyment' could have set off a series of unfortunate events on the streets.

"This may look like fun but it is dangerous. So many things can go wrong," one user commented.

"I guess that's what this song does to you, but all is well until him drop off," another expressed.

Others questioned the whereabouts of the law enforcers in moments like these, when persons like the conductor need to be taught a lesson.

When The STAR contacted the police's communication arm, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), a sergeant on duty said while the police are aware of the video, no investigations have been launched into the video nor the behaviour of the bus conductor.

The sergeant explained that should an investigation begin, it would be conducted by the Hunts Bay police, as news surrounding the video suggests the bus plies the Waterhouse route.

The STAR tried to get in touch with the Hunts Bay police to obtain more information on the matter, but the phone rang without an answer.

The sergeant also took the time to say that from time to time, the police would issue advisories to motorists on how to conduct themselves on the road. He said in light of this latest video, law enforcers would be issuing one of those advisories in short order and would be looking out for any form of deviation from motorists and by extension, conductors.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Govana Generates Buzz with 'Gyal Clown' & Attracts International Interest [WATCH VIDEO]

After delivering a triad of noteworthy performances at the 2017 instalment of Reggae Sumfest along with Beach Cawvinz in Portland and Alligator Pond over the Independence weekend. It is clear that the Dancehall community has given 4th Genna recording artiste Govana the stamp of approval as the next big star emerging out of Jamaica.

Patiently honing his skill-set under the tutelage of Aidonia for a number of years, the Spanish Town native whose given name is Romeo Nelson has officially stepped out of his mentor’s shadow to become a solo act and is already commanding attention with up-tempo tracks like ‘No Complaining’ and ‘Happy’. The latter currently occupies the No.7 spot on the Magnum Pree Dis Dancehall Top Ten chart.

However, it’s his latest effort ‘Gyal Clown’ recorded on the Genna Bounce rhythm (also features the monster hit ‘Yeah Yeah’ by Aidonia) that has thrust him even further into the spotlight subsequently leading to several international players expressing an interest to work with the fast rising star.

According to Govana, “Gyal Clown is definitely opening a lot of doors for me presently. Aside from being one of the most rotated songs for the summer, several overseas agents have been reaching out to my management team wanting shows and also to collaborate on various projects, for that I am thankful. However, at present I am not at liberty to speak on everything but when the time is right all will be revealed.”

Govana further explained fans can look out for a lot of new material in the months ahead both audio and visual. He recently released the official video for ‘Shallow Grung’ a gritty street composition that has amassed over 100,000+ views via Vevo since it premiered late June. The video was shot by burgeoning director 300K

In retrospect of his journey and current rise Govana said,
“The journey has been like a roller coaster in a lot of way, but there is nothing that I regret. The tougher the battle, the sweeter the victory. I've had to fight to reach where I am and the fighting has helped me to cement myself in the streets of Jamaica. I've paid my toll and I'm happy to finally see the highway,” he added

Monday, August 7, 2017

Aidonia Embarks on 12-City European Tour

Fresh from a myriad of performances in New Jersey, Connecticut, Antigua and Dream Weekend (Negril, Jamaica) over the past week; Dancehall luminary Aidonia continues to amplify his international presence as the summer unfolds.

The 4th Genna Music head honcho along with members of his team departed the island on Wednesday for Europe to embarked on a twelve-city tour of that continent.

The tour which commenced on August 4 at Belgium's Reggae Geel is expected to last three weeks spanning several countries with stops in Antwerp, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Toulon and Lecca among other major cities. Despite the inclement weather associated with that continent at this time of the year, Aidonia reassured fans that will not dampen his spirit in any way so when they come to the various concert venues they can expect nothing but an energy-filled action-packed showcase.

“Europe has always been a place that shows Aidonia a lot of love, so it’s important that we as artiste reciprocate. The fans have been requesting to see me for some time now, so that is enough motivation for me to make sure to give them nothing less than a 110%… because they don’t get to see me very often therefore I have to leave them with something memorable” – Aidonia said.

The sanguine entertainer is expected to return to the island at the end of August to complete work on a number of projects including the official visuals for ‘IG Girl,Banga’ and his latest monster hit ‘Yeah Yeah’.

Musically, Aidonia continues to dominate various charts across the diaspora with singles such as ‘Work It’ , ‘Banga’, ‘IG Girls’ and ‘Yeah Yeah’ amid promoting new releases ‘Bruise’ and ‘Fire’. The latter is featured on the 1Guh Rhythm.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Bugle Turns Personal Tragedy Into Beautiful Masterpiece To Aid Ailing Friend [WATCH VIDEO]

Considered one of the most prolific songwriters in the Jamaican music industry, Reggae luminary Bugle has taken a personal tragedy and turned it into a masterfully crafted song titled 'Cherish Life'.

The masterpiece which stems from a number of personal experiences including the loss of his brother, as well as close friend Kunte and more recently the near tragic encounter of famed sound system selector Nickomatic (Chromatic Sound System), provided the blueprint for the thought provoking composition.

"Losing a few friends and family suddenly__ including my brother who introduced me to music and in more recent times Kunte, who was like a brother to me was very hard. Nickomatic from Chromatic sound system is a personal friend of mine also and as many are aware he recently faced some difficult times with a medical condition which threatened his life and all those events were the catalysts that inspired me to pen this song." - Bugle explained.

Alluding to the loss of his loved ones Bugle added, "To this day I still have their contacts in my phone, hoping one day to get a call despite the harsh reality"

Produced by Nickomatic the single is featured on the Dialysis Rhythm, aptly named because of the jock's medical condition that sees him being supported by a Dialysis machine pending surgery.  Bugle also revealed that part proceeds from the project will be used to aid in his medical endeavours.

Though not officially released, the song has been garnering a lot of traction on the FM airwaves and continues to steadily infiltrate the Diaspora.

Based on the current trend Bugle has since enlisted the services of YVA nominated director Damanic Green of Damaniac Visualz for an official video which was shot and released last weekend. The visual which continues to receive high praises from various quarters within the entertainment fraternity can be viewed via the 'Rasta Party' hit-maker official Vevo account  (

Currently, on a three-month stint across Europe, U.K. and Japan, Bugle is expected to wrap his international sojourn later this month.

Aidonia & Bounty Killer Rule at Dream Live [WATCH VIDEO]

The 2017 Dream Weekend party series officially kicked off on Friday with Magnum Dream Live Concert.

By midnight hundreds of 'Dreamers' were already inside the Cayenne Beach venue in Negril. Other patrons kept the bike taxis and shuttle bus drivers busy as they eagerly made their way to the event. Pulsating music blazed from the speaker boxes while bartenders provided refreshing drink mixes.

Soon after it was time for the evening's performances. Bounty Killer and Aidonia were standouts.

The audience went wild when Bounty Killer was called onstage by Mascika, who had earlier delivered a tight set. After both performed their collaboration General, Bounty Killer had the audience's undivided attention. His set included Can't Believe Me Eyes, Bullet Proof Vest, Anytime, and Da Summen Deh.

Bounty Killer diverted his attention to the females, trying to woo them with his 'singing' talent. He then went into hit songs, including Wutliss Bwoy, Stuckie, and Say You Leaving.

“Unuh see the power weh woman possess? The girls dem make the cross and angry deejay turn inna R&B singer,” a male patron said jokingly.

After Bounty Killer, Aidonia maintained the energy. He had the audience deejaying along in unison to songs like Squeeze Off, Work It, Crazy, and Nuh Take Chat From Nuh Bwoy. Several female fans ran to the front of the stage to get closer to him. They were rewarded with hits including Tip Pon Yuh Toe, Wine and Turn Run Road, Fi Di Jockey, and Dat a Di Ting

Tarrus Riley and Tommy Lee Sparta also performed earlier in the evening. There were, however, mixed reactions to their performances.

“I wasn't impressed with all of the acts... I liked the acts that performed last year,” said a female patron, who wished to remain anonymous.

The organisers of the Magnum Dream Live must be commended that the event ended within the stipulated 4:00 am cut-off time. The occasion was also incident free.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Aidonia Dominates The Summer, Heads to Antigua [WATCH VIDEO]

Considered one of the most important seasons on the social calendar especially for entertainment. Top-flight deejay Aidonia is making sure his presence is felt across the space this summer.

Arguably one of the best years of his career, the 4th Genna Music recording artiste continues to dominate not only through concert appearances but also with the release of several singles and videos including his overnight hit ‘Yeah Yeah’, the follow-up to the monster single ‘Banga’. Produced by 4th Genna Music and Emudio Records the song continues to gain tremendous traction across the globe while bullying its way onto several charts across the diaspora.

Though still in its infancy ‘Yeah Yeah’ is already being considered by several industry players as a top contender for ‘anthem of the summer’.

When quizzed about the inspiration behind the hit Aidonia said,
“I got the idea to do the song while in Miami for Best of the Best. As you know the summer started slowly due to the rains, subsequently leading to several events getting cancelled so we had to kick things into high gear. Aside from the rhyming, it was just the timing. We give thanks for the response because it’s really moving fast.”

Delivering a commendable set at this year's Reggae Sumfest the ‘Banga’ hit-maker not also thrilled his fans but was also named ‘Best Dress Male Entertainer’ of the night as he emerged on stage donning a yellow and white designer ensemble, for which the fans, especially the female populous showed their approval.

Solidly booked for the summer, Aidonia is scheduled to perform at Dream Live this Friday, July 28 in Negril before jetting off to Antigua for an assignment on July 30th. From there he will turn his attention to Europe for a tour of that continent in August.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Strong Support for BUGLE in Europe & Japan, Tour Going Well [WATCH VIDEO]

Known for hits such as ‘Exercise, Doh, Nuh Compatible, Don’t Blame Life, Rasta Party and Ganja’ among a plethora of others; Reggae singer Bugle continues to garner strong support for his music across the United Kingdom, Europe and the Asian continent.

Now on the final leg of his ‘Be Yourself’ world tour, the Rastafarian crooner has been on the road for almost two months promoting his sophomore album of the same name amidst amplifying his international presence.

The tour which continues to yield positive results for the Jamaican with several sold out venues has seen him making stops in major cities such as Fukuoaka, Sapporo, Okayama, Osaka, Tokushima, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Bern, Zurich, London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol among others.

Speaking with members of the British media recently following a concert at Brockwell Park in London Bugle said,

“Touring is always tough, it’s very taxing both physically and mentally but that is part of the journey we as entertainers have to bear to get both the music and the message across the globe. I have travelling so many places over the last two months, sometimes I can’t even keep track of where we are and what day it is, (laughs)__ but as long as the work is being done that is all that’s important.”

Bugle is expected to wrap his international at the end of August.

Coming on the heels of his feature on the cover of Canada’s L3 Magazine, is the release of a new single titled ‘Hustler’, which speaks to the trials and triumphs of the working class. The singer is also expected to premier several music videos in the weeks ahead.