Tuesday, July 2, 2019

'No Bad Dayz' For Ding Dong After Wedding

Aside from denoting the official start of summer,  a season which sees his music dominating dancehall floors, last weekend also marked another special occasion for high riding entertainer Ding Dong who upgraded his status from eligible bachelor to married man in a  blissful private nuptial with longtime girlfriend Tashauna. 

In what could be considered serendipity the following day Notis Heavyweight Rockaz released a light-hearted funfilled composition titled 'No Bad Badz', featuring the Ravers head honco, an ode to making every day the best and living each to one's full potential. A quick revision of the lyrics would seem as though the song was written for the special occasion.  However, Wayne 'Unga' Thompson, producer and one half the Notis Heavyweight Rockaz duo said it was sheer coincidence. 

"We were not aware that Ding was getting married, so when we released the song and people started saying it was a tribute to their union we were a bit confused at first, but later we found out about the wedding and it would seem that way but I guess it's just good timing. Congratulations to Ding and his beautiful bride."  

Though not yet officially released to the public, the infectious single has already found its way onto the airwaves and continues to gain steady momentum across the diaspora. According to 'Unga' the song is very reminiscence of their sound and the annexation of Ding Dong gives it the potential to become a party anthem. Plans are already afoot for an official video in the weeks ahead. 'No bad Dayz' will form part of Notis Heavyweight Rockaz's still-untitled, soon-to-be-released EP. 

Ironically this is not the first time Notis Heavyweight Rockaz is working with Ding Dong, the group is also responsible for his 2010 monster hit 'Holiday' featuring Chevaughn, however, they were then known as Notice Productions. Since then they have crafted some of the industry's most noteworthy hits including Future Fambo’ ‘This Life’, the remix featuring Mavado, Iba Mahr's Diamond Sox amid a top 10 spot on the Billboard Reggae Chart for their Heart & Soul rhythm project featuring Busy Signal's 'Come Over'.

Connoisseurs of their craft the musical duo consisting of Wayne 'Unga' Thompson and Jason ‘Big Bass’ Welsh, continues to explore their creativity which has resulted in the evolution of the group from a production outfit to a multi-hyphenated recording band releasing several singles and blazing their own trail using their talent to encapsulate the authenticity of Jamaican roots culture as they continue to push the genre boundaries.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Bugle & Stakeholders React to KSAMC New Feeding The Homeless Policy

In a recent public notice, the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) said that the feeding of the homeless should only be done in designated enclosed areas. But this is being met with much resistance from stakeholders, including the homeless.

Noel, who has been living on the streets of Kingston for more than two years, said that sometimes they can’t access these designated areas.

“If dem have a place weh dem seh wi must go, and who cyaan walk good or whatsoever, they come and pick us up in a vehicle and carry wi there, and mek wi eat, before dem mek a speech like dat,” he said

In a public notice that was placed in The Gleaner on Wednesday, the KSAMC said: “The public is hereby reminded that the feeding of the homeless on street locations in Kingston, which includes King Street, is not tolerated and must be done at designated enclosed areas and buildings as prescribes by the KSAMC’s Poor Relief Department. We further order that this activity cease with immediate effect.”

The letter, which was signed by Town Clerk Robert Hill, also said that persons who want more information on the matter can contact the KSAMC’s Poor Relief Department at 65 Hanover Street, Kingston.

However, Noel is not happy with the KSAMC’s decision, as he said that the food he gets from ‘Good Samaritans’ is sometimes the only meal he eats for days.

“Sometime you can’t move around due to the condition of your body, so it’s very helpful to us. Because sometime wi eat all three box food, four box food one time. So yuh must know how empty yuh tummy is,” he said

Meanwhile, Reverend Sean Major-Campbell, pastor of the Christ Church in Vineyard Town, St Andrew, said that sometimes his church feeds the homeless. And while he admits that the corporation may have good intentions, he is not certain if such a policy will work in Jamaica.

“There is no doubt in my mind that such a move has good intentions, and they have worked well in other countries, in the sense of bringing some sense of order to it. But my concern is that sometimes we come up with these ideas without thinking about the consequences for the less fortunate who are the ones who benefit from this kind of care,” he said.

And entertainer Bugle shares the same concern. Under his Anointed Humanitarian Foundation, Bugle said that he feeds the homeless at least twice each month. He’s waiting on the KSAMC to give a reason for this decision.

He told the media that the designated areas do not have the space to accommodate all the homeless people who need food.

“There is less people in the homeless shelters than on the road, so if yuh only go to the homeless shelter then there’s a huge percentage of people who nah go get no food. And there’s a limited amount a shelter, too, weh cyaa hold so much people,” he said.

Meanwhile, a representative from the Chinese Benevolent Association wants the corporation to consider the homeless when making decisions.

“These are people, our fellow Jamaicans. It’s just that they have fallen on hard times. If there wasn’t such a great need, people wouldn’t be on the streets,” she said.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tesha Miller Files Lawsuit Against Television Jamaica (TVJ)

Tesha Miller, the man who has been under the police's radar for more than a decade for several crimes, including murder, is claiming that Television Jamaica (TVJ) has damaged his reputation.

Bert Samuels, Miller's attorney, said that his client has suffered reputational damage as a result of the way he was characterised in a newscast that was aired on March 19.

"To say a man is a gang leader in the absence of a conviction under the anti-gang law is to tarnish his reputation. He is presumed innocent under law. If you call a rapist a thief, he can sue you. Further, if you call him a gang leader, as a television station, while he is about to face a jury for trial, you are denying him a fair trial by an independent and impartial tribunal. Hence, he is entitled to constitutional damages," Samuels said.

Miller, according to the claim, is seeking damages, damages for slander, vindicatory damages, interests, cost and any such further relief as the court sees fit.

The documents, dated April 8, 2019, were filed in the civil division of the Supreme Court. In the claim, Miller is listed as being a welder of a Spanish Town, St Catherine, address.

Samuels also claims that an initial letter was sent to TVJ on March 22, 2019 requesting a retraction and apology for the reference that was made to Miller in the newscast.

Shena Stubbs-Gibson, Senior Legal Adviser for the RJRGLEANER Group, of which TVJ is a subsidiary, acknowledged receiving Mr Samuels' letter and said TVJ did respond to the letter.

"Further, we are prepared to put our evidence to a court of law and have same determine a) whether Mr Miller has a reputation that was capable of being, or indeed was injured, by the broadcast in question; and, b) if Mr Miller's reputation is otherwise good, whether our broadcast was indeed defamatory and cannot be defended. We have sent the claim to our external counsel for guidance."

Meanwhile, Miller is scheduled to stand trial in the Supreme Court for the 2008 murder of Jamaica Urban Transit Company chairman Douglas Chambers.

In addition, Miller was arrested by members of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) in the Corporate Area last October.

A man and woman, who were in his company, were also arrested.

Miller, who left Jamaica for the United States in 2013, was charged with illegal re-entry, having previously been deported, and for having an identification card in another person's name. He was convicted of the offences and sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. He was subsequently deported in March 2016.

He then fled to The Bahamas in June 2016, but was also held by authorities there for illegal entry and subsequently deported to Jamaica.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Chuck Fenda Respond To I-Octane Rumours

Having released his new single, 'Gideon Hot', entertainer Chuck Fenda is now dispelling rumours that his song is a counteraction to I-Octane's 'Weh Di Fire Gone' that was released last year.

While he disagrees with some of what is said in I-Octane's track, Chuck Fenda said that his song is not a counteraction.

"The song came as a natural inspiration from Jah. The message is clear that we are drifting from righteousness, and we need to return to reality. I-Octane was the furthest thing from my mind," Chuck Fenda said.

"Of course I disagree with some of what he says in his song. The Rastaman fire never stop burn, man a chant binghi every day. Across the world, we are still here burning out lawlessness and inspiring people to stop their evil doings because Jah fire is ever-burning."

While this might be the case, he insists that he wants Gideon Hot to have a positive impact on society.

"When the fire burning in the music, we bring back the righteousness and consciousness. If God's law not in the midst, then there will be more senseless killings and raping. Gideon Hot is here to correct that with a positive message to disrupt the negative that is happening right now," he said.

Meanwhile, a music video for Gideon Hot will be shot later this month, Chuck Fenda is also gearing up to return to the US for appearances in the Midwest next month.

Bugle Assembles All-Star Cast For 'Zaddy'

Currently saturating the airwaves and the social scene with 'Zaddy', an ode to men who females find highly attractive, reggae crooner Bugle, is now moving to amplify promotion around the 'A Jus Di Vybz' produced track as the second quarter of the year unfolds.

The prolific singer/songwriter recently enlisted the services of an all-star cast for the official video. Despite the film team remaining reticent about the project, the visuals boast an impressive cadre of celebrities including, Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Iba Mahr, Jahmiel, Jada Kingdom and street dancer Shakespeare. 

According to Bugle, he is not at liberty to elaborate on the details surrounding the video but assures fans it should be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

"Unfortunately I can't say much about the project at this point, but it will definitely be an interesting video and I hope the fans will appreciate the effort." - said Bugle.

Meanwhile, his previous effort 'World Party' featuring famed street jock Razz Attack (formerly of the duo Razz & Biggy) continues to make in-rows across the North American diaspora with a premiere on BET  amid amassing over a million views on Vevo (BugleAn9tedVEVO). 

Locally, he is expected to commence work on his third studio album. This comes on the heels of his feature on the Grammy-nominated 'As The World Turns', courtesy of eight times Grammy-nominated and award-winning group Black Uhuru.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Nesbeth Postpones European Tour

Reggae singer Nesbeth says he is somewhat 'disheartened' but hopes the fans will understand following a recent announcement by his management to postpone his upcoming European tour.  

Nesbeth was advised by his team that the month-long tour slated to commence at the end of March would be rescheduled due to work being undertaken on several pressing projects.

A statement from the artiste team read: "It is with regret we must inform the public and fans of Nesbeth that his upcoming European tour scheduled for April has been postponed due to numerous important projects currently being undertaken. We tried our best to make it work but unfortunately, if he had embarked on the expedition we would have to pull him for weeks at a time based on his other commitments and that would not be fair to the fans, hence the decision to suspend the tour." 

Following the revelation Nesbeth issued his own statement on social media, he said: “I’m so sorry to all my fans in Europe. I am not in the habit of disappointing you like this but the matter is beyond my control. Nevertheless, I will be working very hard to be back in Europe as soon as I can. Once again, my humblest apologies to everyone. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause those who have tickets to shows but wish to reassure fans to hold on to these existing tickets, as they will be valid for rescheduled dates, which will be announced shortly.”

Nesbeth was due to kick off his tour on March 30 in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Govana's First Solo European Tour A Success

Dancehall luminary Govana returned to the island over the weekend after a gruelling month-long sojourn on the road, promoting his music across the expanse of Europe.

Though physically exhausting compounded by the frigid climate currently affecting that space, the 4th Genna hitmaker says the thirteen-city tour which made stops in Berlin, Stuttgart, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Zurich, Hamburg, Venice, Rome, Bologna, Lecce and Dortmund among others was a major success, noting that almost every venue saw a capacity crowd. 

"Touring is never an easy feat but it's a necessary part of promoting and expanding your brand as an artiste. So regardless of the challenges involved, it's something that must be done if you intend to become successful in this business. The tour was a major success and I definitely gained some new fans in the process while reconnecting with existing ones." - Govana exclaimed.

"Even though I have been in the space several times before with Aidonia, this time around was very memorable not only because I was a solo act but  it also presented new opportunities and experiences that will assist me going forward." - he added.

Back on local soil, Govana has already released two new singles titled 'Designer' featuring Stylo G and 'Loyalty', the latter another offering from this forthcoming anthology 'Human & Monsters Are Not The Same'. The accompaniment of an official video for 'Loyalty' is expected in short order. The single also currently occupies the No.3 spot on the Youtube trending list.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Govana & Tarrus Riley Creates Buzz With 'Unanswered'

Dancehall artiste Govana has collaborated with reggae singing sensation Tarrus Riley.

The new track, Unanswered, has been dubbed an 'unlikely' collaboration by many listeners who had a hard time visualising the pair on a song, until now.

The song has been getting some good feedback since its release, with many listeners describing it as a potential hit and suggesting that the duo may have found a winning combination.

Speaking with the Media, Govana described the link between him and Riley as "magic". He explained that at the time he decided to get Riley involved, he felt the song needed "something smooth". He found that in Riley's sultry vocals.

"The idea for the collaboration was mine, as I'm currently in the process of releasing my debut project. I recorded probably 70 per cent of it at the time when I linked up Jordan (McClure of Chimney Records) and told him I wanted him to produce a track with me and Tarrus, because I wanted something smooth for the ladies. He reached out to Tarrus and told him the idea, we linked up at the studio, and the rest is magic," he said.

McClure described the collab as one fostered by the coming together of two musical greats.

"Tarrus is someone we have always had great chemistry with musically and he's also a great friend of mine. Govana is also someone who we've had chemistry with, especially recently. Both are great artistes and when Govana mentioned the idea of doing a collab for his upcoming project Humans And Monsters Are Not The Same, it was simply a no-brainer - great talents all working together to achieve a similar goal."

Unanswered is a love song of sorts, and with very few songs of that nature coming out of the dancehall sphere, both entertainers described the song as something that was needed.

"I think the dancehall just need good, quality music. There's space for every type of song, as long as it's quality and it makes sense. This song has its space, and love is always needed in any and everything we do. I think this song and songs like this one are always needed in the dancehall and reggae space," said Govana.

The duo also believe the track has crossover potential.

"I do think the song can cross all borders; that's what Jamaican music does, it appeals to the world. Sometimes a di lyrics, sometimes a di melody or riddim, or just the energy," said Riley.