Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Bugle, Shuga Collaborates On 'Replay'

Reggae artiste Bugle and female artiste Shuga recently shared the stage at Appleton Signature Nights, where the two gave a performance many are still talking about.

With a buzz still surrounding that set, the two have collaborated on a song, Replay, which they are currently promoting.

Bugle listed Shuga as one of the female artistes he has admired over the years and told THE STAR that he has the utmost respect for her and what she brings to the table as an entertainer.

"I've been admiring her talent from she was on Digicel Rising Stars and knew that I would eventually work with her. I just didn't know when it was going to happen," he said. "When the producer contacted me and sent that Replay track, I was ready, so all I said was, 'Let's get it done'."

Shuga, who hinted at the collab last month, also spoke highly of Bugle. She described the artiste as professional and said it was a joy working with him.

"Bugle is the type of artiste that really loves music, and so he just wants to get the best record out. He is very professional and precise with what he wants, and so it was easy working with him," she said.

Acknowledging that female artistes are usually marginalised in the music business, the Compatible singer said he enjoys working with females and encouraged the industry to be more open and welcoming of women.

"It's always fun working with female artistes. Female artistes are very passionate about their work, well at least the ones that I've worked with. I worked with Alaine on my first album. I worked with Queen Ifrica, Lady Saw, Tifa, and now, Shuga," Bugle said. "They all have that same passion about their work/music, so it's always a joy for me working with female acts, and I know if given the chance, many of them can and will make an impact on the industry."

Replay is already getting steady rotation on the BBC and other international media outlets.

Shuga, who is also gearing up to release the music video for her song Phenomenal Woman, says she is set to take her place in the industry and vows that "the music is getting better with time, and I am breaking new boundaries".

A video for Replay could also be released soon.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Govana and Jada Kingdom Deny Dating Rumours [ LISTEN AUDIO]

Govana and Jada Kingdom have denied any relationship outside that of their love for music. Fans of both recording artistes have been commenting on their social media pages since the 'Love Situations' singjay posted a photo with Govana's arms around her earlier this week.

The deejay told The STAR that he and Jada Kingdom are musical friends, but due to his reputation, and more significantly the lyrics of his single Gyal Thief, persons may assume his intentions go far beyond creating hits with her.

"You know me name 'gyal thief' so from the fans see me around a female them a guh talk. However , I keep relations out of the music industry and avoid the mix-up, remember national don't do mix-up," Govana said.

Jada Kingdom further refuted the claims of any relationship with Govana and said that she wants fans to focus on the music referring to their recently released Better Than That collaboration.

"There is nothing deeper than friendship, [Govana] a mi bredrin that fi life! For once, please let the music prevail, concentrate on the musical energy. There's no salacious gossip or mix-up behind it," said Jada Kingdom.

The single, which hit YouTube on Thursday evening, quickly attracted over 50,000 views and the No. 1 trending spot. Better Than That produced by Emudio Records, who also worked on Gyal Clown and Aidonia's Yeah Yeah, speaks about the typical man and woman problems, but the vocals of Govana complements Jada Kingdom's unique flow.

Govana uses a softer tone than he is known for on tracks like Breeze and Bake Bean and says that with music about day-to-day living, he chose a topic that was relatable to both sexes and the vocals followed.

"I like Jada Kingdom's writing skills so I just sent her the demo and she wrote her verse," said Govana.

He continued: "After finishing the first verse and chorus, I just felt that a female voice was needed to respond to the things I said to basically defend the ladies."

"The whole collab just happened naturally; it just seemed like the natural thing to do as we have been friends for a while as well as admired each other's creativity and approach to our craft," added Jada Kingdom.

The promising young artistes are currently finalising the concept for the Better Than That music video.

The artistes are enjoying the new-found attention, but are focused on creating new music that will have fans talking things that are better than rumours.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Bugle Brings Easter Cheers To The Homeless, Heads To New York City [WATCH VIDEO]

Reggae singer Bugle is scheduled to depart the island later this week, for New York City. Where he is booked to headline the 31st staging of the Loveline Muzik anniversary and award ceremony at the Portuguese Club in Queens alongside compatriots Agent Sasco and Delly Ranx. 

This comes on the heels of a pair of exhilarating performances at the Serengeti Bistro, Hope Gardens and Providence in Guyana. Despite, the frigid weather conditions currently affecting that space, Bugle says he definitely plans to bring some musical heat to the event.

"We know it's snowing in New York City presently but I definitely plan to bring a musical fire to the event and turn up the temperature especially for my Caribbean people." a seemingly jocund Bugle exclaimed.

Meanwhile, the An9ted Entertainment recording artiste last week brought cheers to the homeless in Jamaica as part of the ongoing initiative to alleviate hunger in the island. The singer along with members of his Humanitarian Foundation prepared hundreds of meals accompanied with the customary Bun & Cheese, eaten by most locals at this time of the year. The group then embarked on their 4th instalment to feed the less fortunate across the Kingston and St. Andrew metropolis.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Marlon Samuels Address Social Media Controversy with Official Statement

Sports star Marlon Samuels who return to the island over the weekend from his exploits in Pakistan has released an official statement regarding a flurry to social media controversy surrounding him and a popular TV personality.

The 'Cease and Desist statement read: 

"It has been brought to my attention that there are allegations in social media circles, that a female television personality who goes by the moniker Yanique Curvy Diva has made several derogatory posts on social media about me. I am therefore informing the public that I refute the allegations made by Miss Yanique Barrett and I intend to take the necessary steps legally to defend my reputation in due course.

In my capacity as a sports ambassador, my job is to continue serving the people of Jamaica, the West Indies and by extension the cricketing world, and in addition the blind community by way of the Marlon Samuels Foundation for the Blind. In the circumstances, I am therefore requesting that the mentioned media personality and those associated directly or indirectly to her immediately cease and desist from embroiling my name in any controversy, (expressly or implied) surrounding this person. Failure to observe this request will result in legal action for an injunction against you to restrain you from further slandering and defaming my name and reputation." 

- Marlon Samuels

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Govana Finds The Sauce for Success with 'Bake Bean' [WATCH VIDEO]

4th Genna recording artiste Govana appears to have found the sauce for success with this latest entry titled 'Bake Bean'. Produced on the Quantanium Records/Raheef Muzik Group imprint, the record is already a certified hit for the deejay despite being released a week ago. 

Now a staple on the playlist of various jocks across the diaspora, the song accompanied by an official video courtesy of RD Studios, at one point was the second most trending video on Youtube, amassing almost 400,000 views to date. 

Speaking on the sudden upsurge, Govana says he is very pleased with the current momentum being enjoyed by the song, citing that he has the sauce like Bake Bean (Sauce is an urban terminology used to describe someone who has a certain aura, style, confidence and attraction about them.)

"I release the song Wednesday afternoon, and by the following day it was trending at No.2 on Youtube, but what is even more surprising Saturday I went to perform at an after champs event (Up To The Line) and decided to test the crowd and to my astonishment, they knew every word to the song and sang in unison during my set. So that is testament the record is surely hit-bound."

Bake Bean, has become Govana's first official hit for the New Year as he continues to dominate the airwaves with tracks like 'Gyal Clown, Gyal Thief, Rich Forever and Breeze (featuring Aidonia). 

Fresh from a pair of performances in Ocho Rios and Negril over the Easter weekend, Govana is booked for a cadre of high profile assignments in the weeks ahead the deejay is also expected to depart the island in May for Toronto, Canada.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Aidonia's Team Deny 'Bottling' Rumours

Aidonia’s management team has denied the deejay was ‘bottled’ during a concert in St Kitts and Nevis earlier this week.

A statement sent to THE STAR denied reports that the deejay was injured in an attack during his performance at a show in the twin-island country.

The statement said that while there was a fracas that took place at the venue where the deejay was present, Aidonia was not involved and sustained no injuries during the melee.

The statement revealed that Aidonia was in attendance at a meet and greet where fans came out to see him.

Among the crowd were members of two rival factions "who decided to, unfortunately, attack each other at the gathering. Thankfully the quick action of Aidonia and his team averted him getting injured in the melee,” a part of the statement read. 

Regarding the allegations of the deejay's involvement, the statement said, "we would like to advise the masses that these allegations are false and aimed at sullying the entertainer’s reputation”.

Aidonia’s team has since released a video of the incident hoping to clear up rumours regarding the deejay’s alleged involvement. 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

4th Genna Recording Artiste JAYDS Warns With 'Keep Har Close' [WATCH VIDEO]

Fresh from a myriad of performances in Antigua, Bahamas, Guyana and St. Lucia with compatriot Aidonia. 4th Genna recording artiste Jayds is definitely intent on amplifying the strong presence currently being enjoyed by that camp in the dancehall space. 

The burgeoning star now back on the island has released his first official single for 2018 titled 'Keep Har Close'. A sultry number that alludes to his persuasive skills with the fairer sex. Shot and directed under the watchful eye of Magical Studios, the complementary visual portrays Jayds as a rogue playboy ensnaring his female prey with sheer charm and wit as he warns his male counterparts to keep their ladies close.

Though the song is relatively new, Jayds says the feedback has been tremendously positive and continues to grow in popularity with each passing day.

"It's a great song with a nice visual and the fans are steadily embracing it. As part of my promotional campaign, I make sure to include it in my set during every performance and the response has been very positive, especially from the ladies. Right now I'm rolling out the Jamaican leg of the campaign so you can expect to see  increased visibility on the various local platforms."

Hailing from the tough enclaves of East Kingston, Jayds is no stranger to the dancehall scene and is best known for the gritty street anthem 'Weh We Come From'. He is also an accomplished producer responsible for the latest monster hit 'Breeze' by Aidonia and Govana. Some of his other noteworthy efforts with the camp include Frass Box, Coco Powder, Don Deh Yah, Gangster Town, Better and Krayzay'.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Usain Bolt & Leon Bailey Gives Major Endorsement to Reggae Singer Jae Prynse [WATCH VIDEO]

After receiving the nod of approval in early 2017 as one of the artistes to watch from industry stalwarts Bounty Killer, Tarrus Riley, Winford Williams and Seani B of BBC 1Xtra. Jamaican recording artiste Jae Prynse influence appears to be growing exponentially.

The burgeoning singer back from a promotional stint in Canada was thoroughly surprised recently after a pair of videos surfaced online featuring sprint superstar Usain Bolt and German-based football star Leon Bailey endorsing his song 'Try Harder', citing it as motivation during training for their respective disciplines. 

The thought-provoking composition which speaks to the adage of never giving up despite how daunting the journey may become also alludes to being thankful for rejection and discouragements as they are the catalyst to 'Try Harder'. Since getting the double endorsement the official video has racked up an additional 157,000 views via Vevo which now stands at almost 400,000 views.

No stranger to the perils of the inner city after losing several family members to gang violence, the young singer hailing from the Spanglers community in Downtown Kingston is currently signed to Live MB Music. Jae Prynse explained that the song speaks to his personal struggles and he feels that the motivational force of the song has enabled it to solidly connect with critics and fans alike.

"The song is about my personal struggle, growing up surrounded by violence, poverty and lack of opportunities which is a journey many people across the globe can relate to. As Jamaicans, we know the journeys of Usain Bolt and Leon Bailey to get to the level that they are at presently, but for them to endorse my song it is truly a blessing and I say respect to them and everyone that has been supportive of me and my career since my emergence."