Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tifa Shoots New Video & Prepares For BritJam 2017

Still on a musical high following her much-talked-about-performance at last week's staging of the Rainforest Seafood Festival in Montego Bay, Tifa is gearing up for this week's staging of the popular BritJam party series. She promises fans a high-energy performance.

"Rainforest Seafood Festival was awesome! Epic performance. Some said it was the best they've ever seen me perform," she said.

Her 30-minute set included well-known favourites, as well as the new track God Soon Come, which speaks about the issue of child molestation, abuse, injustices, and the spiralling crime rate.

Tifa recently completed a video shoot for the Troyton Rami-produced single Just a Little Bit Longer. Shot on location in St Mary, the video was directed by Dexter Pottinger. Singer and actor Kadeem Wilson plays Tifa's love interest in the video. An international film crew from Miami also participated in the video shoot.

Just a Little Bit Longer is currently number nine on the Unity Sound Dancehall Chart show, which is syndicated to several countries including Japan, Australia, the United States, and Cayman.

Another of her current singles, Hype Don't Pay My Bills, was recently featured in the international publication Mass Appeal. A video for the song is to be shot next week.

Aside from her Britjam assignment this week, Tifa is preparing for a tour of the US, which kicks off in April. Stops on the tour include New York, Atlanta, and Jacksonville, Florida.

She recently completed an 11-date Valentine Crush Tour in Canada.

Aidonia Returns From Pennsylvania and Lays His Grandmother to Rest

Ms. Hortense Johnson, the grandmother of Dancehall star Aidonia was laid to rest over the weekend following her passing a few weeks earlier.

The funeral service of the late Ms. Johnson more affectionately known as ‘Mama Dell’ was held on Saturday, March 4th at the Canaan Mount Baptist Church in Dallas Castle, St. Andrew where she also resided. Following the service she was interred at the family plot in Plantation Walk in the same district.

‘Mama Dell’ passed away at home in her sleep on Wednesday, January 18th at approximately 7:33am, the deejay was off the island at the time but was deeply saddened by her sudden passing. Aidonia and his brother Lav, shared a closebond with their grandmother who was 83 at the time of her death.

Prior to the funeral the Fourth Genna boss who is currently one of the front-runners in the dancehall space delivered another top-notch performance at the Pennsylvania State University to a packed house in attendance. He was billed as the soleheadliner for the event. The previous week he also gave a good account of himself alongside reggae stalwart Beres Hammond at the ‘Food For The Soul’ concert in St. Croix in the U.S Virgin Islands. The event pulled an audience of over 13,000, one of the biggest the island has seen in recent times.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mr. Easy 'Gone A Lead' With New Album & Video [WATCH VIDEO]

Known for his smooth vocals and distinctive sound that has produced classics such as ‘Drive Me Crazy’ , ‘Bruk Out’, ‘Joy Ride’ and ‘Rain Again’ just to name a few from his expansive catalogue; Dancehall recording artiste Mr. Easy has kicked off the New Year with a bang.

Working assiduously in the studio the singer has completed his latest album slated for release May 2017. Titled 'Dancehall Chronicles' Mr Easy is doing anything but ‘taking it easy’ for the New Year and has already commenced an aggressive promotional campaign to bolster his presence with the release of two new singles accompanied by videos from the upcoming project. ‘Bashment Gal’ released a few weeks earlier as been shown appreciation by his fans. However ‘Gone A Lead’ the second single has been enjoying premium rotation especially on the local party circuit since it debuted over the festive season (Christmas) and is steadily becoming a staple on the playlist of the most popular radio jocks across the diaspora.

Speaking with accomplished journalist and broadcaster Winford Williams in a recent interview for the premier of his video ‘Gone A Lead’ the singer intimated that due to his hectic schedule he is not afforded the time to be in Jamaica frequently but is thankful for the continued support he receives from the local fan base,

“I don’t get to spend  a lot of time in Jamaica because of my hectic schedule mainly due to touring and other professional engagements but I am very thankful to the fans for the support throughout the years.” – Mr Easy exclaimed.

He continued, “This new album and video are part of the ongoing campaign to revitalize my career and now that it’s complete we are already working on a promotional tour__ so fans across the U.S, Caribbean and Europe can definitely look out for Mr. Easy very soon.”

The videos for ‘Bashment Gal’ and ‘Gone A Lead’ will be made available on all major media outlet and can also be viewed via Youtube. ‘Bashment Gal’ takes us back into an iconic period in time for dancehall: the bright clothing, colored wigs and dancing that have all been highly celebrated and replicated by artistes of today.  While ‘Gone A Lead’ takes a more modern spin on the happenings of current dancehall trends featuring popular dancers and sexy females provocatively teasing their counterparts.

Monday, February 20, 2017

"Scrutiny Needed”, Nesbeth tells Youth View Awards Organizers [WATCH VIDEO]

Reggae star Nesbeth became the hot button topic of discussion over the weekend due to a post he made on social media following the 2017 installment of the Youth View Awards ceremony held at the National Indoor Sports Centre on Saturday evening. The video has sent tongues wagging amplifying a cadre of speculations for his action.

However, Nesbeth has moved to quell growing assertions and set the record straight. Alluding to him not receiving an award for his double nomination in the categories of “Cultural Artiste of the Year” and “Song of the Year” for the monster hit ‘My Dream’. The singer says it was equally disheartening to his fans and intimated the Youth View Awards ‘needs scrutiny’.   

“The Youth View Awards needs scrutiny; it’s obvious their process of transparency is not as the public perceives. Prior to the ceremony I had received a surfeit of complaints from fans across the globe saying they were unable to cast a vote. I myself tried once just to verify, when I visited the site for the first time I was advised that ‘I had already voted’ how is that even possible?” 

Nesbeth continued, “‘My Dream’ was the biggest anthem of 2016, I won’t even allude to all its accomplishments but I guess the organizers are telling the public that the ‘youths’ are of a different view. Secondly we have to look at the real underlying message of what is being sent by the organizers to the younger generation. The truth is ‘Good’ is never generally rewarded in a world that craves negativity, but I will not allow that to deter me from continuing to inspire the ‘youths’ and the people of this world with positive music.” 

Meanwhile, the Rastafarian crooner is schedule to depart the island later this week for a month-long sojourn in Europe with stops in Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Austria and Switzerland among several other European states amid promotion of his video for ‘Live Every Minute’ and latest single ‘New Gangster’. Nesbeth is also expected to premier the official video for ‘Road To Glory’ directed by RD Studios in the days ahead, the visuals were shot throughout the Kingston metropolis.

Aidonia To Build Public Computer Lab To Assist the Less Fortunate

Dancehall artiste Aidonia is looking to build a public computer lab at a secured location in Kingston, with the intent of providing free computer access to children who are without access to computers.

The initiative falls under the banner of Aidonia's One Voice Foundation, a three-year-old, non-profit organisation the artiste started with the intent of providing scholarships to the Maxfield Park Primary school.

Aidonia's publicist, Raymond 'Shadow' Small, said critics assumed the One Voice Foundation was created to rebrand Aidonia's image.

But he refuted this, saying Aidonia is big on education. He noted that they would still be issuing scholarships.

"The lab will aid in study and research and will cater to the less fortunate. We are living in the technological age, and some parents cannot afford computers so we want to fill that gap," he said.

Small revealed that the overall goal is to spread the benefits of the foundation to other parishes.

"We recently had a meeting with Aidonia, and he reaffirmed his commitment towards education. He is a great advocate and he tries to lend a hand towards the less fortunate. He is trying to assist because he wants people to live a better life," he said.

The artiste and his team have yet to decide on a final location for the lab. However, he mentioned that police stations and community centres are potential areas based on safety and their regulations.

"Parents want to know that their children are safe and secure in times like these. So we want an area where kids can come in and study in a safe environment," Small said.

Tifa Strengthened by Her Scars [WATCH VIDEO]

Hidden between the sensual beats and infectious rhythms are stories that no doubt have a major impact on the creative process of the players in the music industry.

Latifa Brown, known to most as 'Tifa', took persons back to school with her song  Spell It Out and has been hammering the local and international charts ever since. But behind the energetic and captivating performances are scars that continue to fuel her drive and passion to be successful.

For most women, the months of pregnancy are normally precious and are cemented in their memories, and for Margaret Miller it was no different.

However, the experience was made even more memorable as at about six months into her pregnancy, she was stung by a scorpion in her belly button, poisoning her and her unborn child. For the remainder of her pregnancy, she could only ingest cerasee tea, thus lacking the proper nutrients she needed to nourish the foetus. Miller's daughter, Latifa, was born with her legs at a 45-degree angle, and even though surgery was suggested she opted not to have one on her newborn.

After doing adequate research, Brown had her first surgery at age six. It was then that German surgeons diagnosed her with Blount's disease. Blount's disease is a growth disorder of the tibia (shin bone) that causes the lower leg to angle inward, resembling a bowleg. Brown explained that one in every 16 million has this disease. She did three surgeries. After each surgery, her legs would straighten; however, as she grew they would revert to their original position. After the third surgery, experts took the decision to stop the growth of both her legs. "I have 11-year-old legs," Brown told Flair with a chuckle.

Her legs were not the only things that were affected by the disease. Brown told Flair that her teeth did not develop until she was almost three years old. In fact, after they fully came up, they did not fall out as 'regular' milk teeth did. All her teeth had to be extracted to allow the new ones to grow. To this day, she still doesn't have her full complement. [WATCH INTERVIEW FOR FULL STORY]

Spice Celebrates 120 Million Views on VEVO

Dancehall artiste Spice is the first female dancehall artiste to score more than 120 million views collectively on YouTube's VEVO. According to the deejay, her creativity has pushed her ahead of competition.

The majority of Spice's views came from her hit record, So Mi Like It, which was produced by Notnice Records. Despite the success of the record, which accounts for more than 66 million views, the effort did not make it to the Billboard chart.

While celebrating the success of her VEVO page, Spice believes the backing of a major label would have pushed So Mi Like It to higher heights.

"It could have become bigger if it was pushed into mainstream by a company. But the exposure it got was only natural because of fans who watched and shared the video on social media," she said.

Streaming services like Spotify, Tidal and Hulu are currently used as measuring sticks for the certification of records as it relates to Platinum, Gold and Diamond status. However, YouTube has not achieved that status despite having more subscribers globally.

Spice believes that since record sales have dwindled, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) should consider incorporating social media into the certification process.

"I think there should be a way for songs to get certified because the world has gone to social media and streaming right now. So, it would be great if we could get Platinum for the amount of streams and not just limited to sales only," she said.

Despite being a victim of poor sales like many artistes in the reggae and dancehall field, the deejay disclosed that her buzz on YouTube has benefited her in other ways.

"I feel good that I have gained 120 million views, and it does a lot for my career as it relates to bookings for shows worldwide. So Mi Like It alone has gained 66 million views, and I'm the first female from Jamaica to gain that on a solo song. I think people are drawn to my videos because of the creative thinking I put into orchestrating a visual that they will enjoy watching repeatedly," she said.

Spice recently released a new video for her movie-inspired song, Fifty Shades. The song was released on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 6, 2017

4th Gennaz Deejay GOVANA Wraps Double Concert Stint in Trinidad & Tobago [WATCH VIDEO]

Dancehall artiste Govana formerly known as Deablo over the weekend wrapped a double concert stint in the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

The deejay, also a member of Aidonia’s 4th Generation musical imprint performed at the very popular Club Chocolate and ‘Jamming On The Boat’, the latter a water fete in the city’s capital. 

Known of songs such as ‘Run Road’, Road Runner', 'Everything Govern’ and ‘No Complaining’ Govana gave a good account of himself to the hundreds in attendance. He also used the week-long sojourn doing a media blitz to promote his music in the soca capital.

Due back in the island later this week, the artiste is currently promoting a number of new singles including the very inspirational ‘No Complaining’ produced by E5 Records.