Thursday, February 14, 2019

Govana Embarks On 13-City European Tour

Recording artiste Govana, currently riding high with 'The Light' featuring Dre Island, the second single from his upcoming anthology titled 'Humans and Monsters Are Not The Same', is set to depart the island later this week for Europe.

The trip, a month-long solo sojourn which also signifies another career milestone for the 4th Genna deejay, will see him embarking on a thirteen-city tour of that continent with stops in major cities such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Zurich, Hamburg, Venice, Rome, Bologna, Lecce and Dortmund among others. The first concert will commence on February 14 (Valentine's Day) in Berlin, Germany.

Despite this being his first solo run, Govana is no stranger to the continent. He previously accompanied labelmate Aidonia on several exploits while under his tutelage. Speaking with members of the international press Govana intimated that he intends to leave a memorable mark upon completion of the tour.

“Europe has always been a place that showed Govana a lot of love even though at the time they knew me as Deablo. Fast-forward to 2019, me returning with a new name and a catalogue of hits, I am very happy because it will be an entirely new experience for both me and the fans. Aside from introducing myself to new fans, it will also present the opportunity to reconnect with my the originals from the days of touring with Aidonia and I intend to make the tour memorable." 

The sanguine entertainer is expected to return to the island mid-March to continue work on his anthology slated for release later this year.

"Prostitutes Deserve Praise Too" Says 4th Genna Deejay Mad Patience

Sex workers are usually ostracised by society but at least one entertainer has come forward to defend the profession.

4th Genna recording artiste, Mad Patience, is currently promoting his song Back Road, declaring that had it not been for 'ladies of the night', many men would not possess half the sexual prowess they boast about.

The deejay, who revealed that he is now referred to as the 'Back Road Boss', said that despite the possibility of a negative blow back, he believes it is full time Jamaica begins to recognise prostitutes for their service because "It's a part of the society".

"Prostitution a gwaan long before me and yuh born, so anuh nothing new me a sing. Me just a highlight it because yuh affi big up dem type a girl deh because without dem girl deh, nuff man woulda still be virgin up to today," he said.

He confessed to having been sexually satisfied by women on the infamous sex strip at some point in his life. "Of course me visit round there (Back Road), come on man. Me a sing from my experiences and other friends experience. I am singing from everybody perspective weh experience round deh," he said.

Well aware of the possible backlash he may face for the song, the entertainer says he is prepared for any negativity because he knows a lot of the critics will speak from a guilty conscience.

"People a go say things. Me know the backlash a go come because a nuh everybody a go up for it. But although dem a go disagree, nuff a dem know deep down a true me a talk inna di song, a nuff man a go Back Road right now as we speak," he said.

The song was only released a few days ago but the deejay says the track has already been creating quite a buzz.

"Whether good or bad innu, from people a talk, yuh know say di song gone a road. Me did stand out already but since the song release, me stand out more. A me make Back Road hot again, enuh," he said.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Kim Nain Gets Provocative In New Video

As the new year unfolds multihyphenated songstress Kim Nain is already amping things up with the release of 'Deal Wid It',  the lead single and title track from her debut album released last November.

Over the weekend the Attorney-at-law and singer premiered an alluring visual for the aforementioned via several major platforms including her official Vevo account (KimNainVEVO). Shot throughout the picturesque thoroughfares of Kingston and St. Andrew by XtremeArts, the very provocative video sees Kim and her featured guest Destiny Sparta playing out their fantasies in various coquettish scenarios with a shirtless muscular love interest. Since the premiere, Kim says she has been receiving positive feedback from various quarters within the industry. 

According to Kim, "I released the song late last year and so far the feedback has been tremendous, therefore doing a video was definitely the next step in our campaign considering we currently operate in an industry that is very visually driven. However, I didn't just want another video but instead something that depicts who I am and captures the essence of my artistry."

Manager and head of John John Music Group, Shelly-Ann Curran underscored Kim's point citing that, "Shooting videos nowadays is not just about getting something out there on the screen but instead to create a product that is going to become a conversation piece and make people want to know more about your craft. So for me, that was the aim. Aside from the concept, the inclusion of Destiny Sparta was another strategic move because of her unorthodox style."

In the meantime, Ms Curran intimates that the video is only one of many nodes of the overall campaign as they continue to feverishly promote the 11-track compilation produced on the John John Music Group and DZL Records imprint. The album is distributed by Zojak Worldwide and featured guest appearances from Agent Sasco, Bugle, Devin Di Dakta, Naomi Cowan, Destiny Sparta and Versi.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Former Stone Love Selectors Start Their Own Sound System

Kevin Murphy and Nicarl Brown, popularly known as Jazzy J and Genius, respectively, have been selecting partners since 2007.

The pair worked together as resident selectors for Stone Love and Swatch International until they decided to branch off and do things on their own.

Their dreams of being an independent act were realised last year when they started their own sound system called Sky Level Movements.

Jazzy J told THE WEEKEND STAR that although he and Genius were not venturing into new territories, they were naturally a little bit scared of the unknown.

"When we left Stone Love, we didn't think it would have made sense to go and work for another sound system because if we're being real, Stone Love has the biggest legacy as far as sound systems in Jamaica," he said. "So we just decided to take a chance on our own thing and start from scratch. Sometimes yuh haffi venture out on your own. That's what we did and we don't regret a thing."

The sound has experienced tremendous growth over the past 12 months.

"You don't start off running so we just did a take we time and build the thing, set the link. People weh know we from long time, have faith inna we, so when we put it out deh seh we a go pan we own, we never really have no problems getting booked for shows and so on," said Jazzy J. "Fi just the year weh we come out as a team, yuh have people inna di business long time weh nuh get the amount of dates weh we get and me grateful for the growth and support. We've been building on our brand locally and we looking to take things outside a Jamaica this year."

Jazzy J said the team has an upcoming African promo tour in August, where the team is expected to play in countries like Zimbabwe, Ghana and Kenya. Odane Murphy, aka SJ Murphy, and Ricardo 'DJ Popeye' Davis, formally of Swatch International, along with road supervisor, Richard Palmer are the other members of Sky Level Movements.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Live MB Music Leads The 'Reggae Revolution'

The utterance of the name Live MB Music may not instantaneously strike a chord with many but delve a little deeper into the annals of our music and you will find that they have been a noteworthy contributor to the Jamaican industry and the driving force behind the career of reggae star Jae Prynse known for hits like 'Try Harder', 'Faker To A Friend' and 'Hard Work' among others.

Come 2019, the Montego Bay-based recording imprint is embarking on a new musical revolutionary with their latest project aptly titled 'Reggae Revolutionary' Rhythm. Distributed by 21st Hapilos, the 14-track compilation is chucked full of heavy hitters with stalwarts Capleton, Jah Cure, I-Wayne, Freddie McGregor, Fanton Mojah, Jah Mason and Lukie D leading the charge. Other noted names on the project include Chino, Jah Bouks, Dotta Coppa, Wickerman, Nitty Kutchie, Falkonection, Jah Izrehl and Unstoppable Fyah.

With its smooth baseline, melodic strings overlayed by the accompaniment of distinctive vocals,  the carefully crafted Reggae Revolution rhythm has the proclivity to become another masterpiece for the genre. 

According to Live MB Music, "We wanted to start the New Year right and what better way to do so than assembling some of the biggest stars in our industry on one project. We wanted that authentic reggae vibe with clean and conscious offerings to set the tone for the year going forward, hence the reason we took such great care to handpicked the featured acts.  We hope music lovers globally will appreciate what we are presenting with this project."

Released on January 4th, the Reggae Revolution rhythm is now available on all digital platforms.  Previously miscellanies for Live MB Music includes the Brick Mansion and Vision rhythms respectively.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Nesbeth Looks To Africa, Ready For Rebel Salute

Wrapping up 2018 on a high note with several notable performances across the diaspora capped by the release of his debut album A.M.E.N, reggae firebrand Nesbeth appears to be on a fervent path to conquer new terrains in a quest to broaden his musical horizon.

The singer earlier this week departed the island for the United Kingdom to commence work on a collaborative project with a team of British musicians. According to Nesbeth's management, he is working on several projects the first of which will be a single with an Ugandian artiste, the record will also be accompanied by an official video. 

Though no set date was given for the release of the project, his team explain that the intent is to amplify his presence in Africa, a growing market for reggae and dancehall that has the potential to eclipse reggae-havens Europe and Japan in the foreseeable future. 

"In recent times I have been making a greater impact internationally especially in Europe and the United Kingdom. So now we are looking into other markets where we can expand brand Nesbeth and Africa is nicely poised. They have been calling for some time now so we are finally answering that call. This collaboration is just the first of several major projects in the works for the rest of the year." - Nesbeth explained.

Despite his sight being firmly affixed on the Motherland, Nesbeth continues to laboriously promote his debut A.M.E.N amid preparation for his upcoming performance on this year's Rebel Salute. The 'Remove My Enemies' hitmaker is slated to perform on Saturday, January 19 (Night 2) at the Grizzly's Plantation, St. Ann.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Anthology Coming for Govana

Closing out 2018 as the most successful year of his burgeoning career with a cadre of hits and professional accomplishments, a feat that has made him a household name across the diaspora and in top contention for 'Artiste Of The Year'. Recording artiste Govana says though he's thankful for all that was achieved last year, his foreseeable goal for 2019 is to become a quintessential artiste for the genre. 

Adapting that mindset, the 4th Genna deejay has been working assiduously over the festive season, not only on honing his studio and stagecraft but on completing his debut anthology titled 'Humans And Monsters Are Not The Same'. Slated for release in the weeks ahead Govana says he thinks the timing is right to release this body of work, however, he never wanted to brand the collective as an album, EP or a mixtape.

"Presently, I am working on my debut anthology, I opted to call it that because I find the term 'album' is being used too nonchalantly within the industry and the project contains too many songs to be classified as an EP and definitely of a higher standard than a mixtape." - Govana intimated.

Despite the absence of a definitive release date for the compilation, Govana disclosed that 'Human And Monsters Are Not The Same' will contain contributions from several noted producers namely: Chimney Records, LMR Pro, Dream Team, Emudio Records, CJ The Chemist, Jamie Roberts (YVP) and Quantanium Records among others with select cameos from his peers.  

"For me! his project has been magical, I've been working on it for some time now. Something different for the fans, some different type of things. This will definitely allow them to see the different sides of Govana and most importantly no two songs will have the same sound." - He further disclosed.

Prior to the full release of the project, a few tracks will be premiered over the course of the coming weeks, each accompanied with an official visual, so far he has debuted the lead single 'Champ' followed by 'The Light' featuring Reggae crooner Dre Island. The official visuals for both can be viewed via his Vevo account 'GovanaVEVO'.

Bugle Happy With Grammy Nominated Feature

Bugle, one of reggae and dancehall's most prolific singer/songwriter is musically a much happier man today. This, because the unveiling of 2019 not only denotes a new beginning but also bring good tidings for the multihyphenated crooner, who is featured on the Grammy-nominated album 'As The World Turns', courtesy of eight times Grammy-nominated and award-winning group Black Uhuru.  

The twelve-track miscellany sees Bugle lending both his vocals and writing skills on 'Jah Guide (Track No.7), a composition alluding to being fearless in the face of adversity and nefarious people.

"Between work on my foundation, family and professional career I have been very busy and out of sync on the music scene. It's only since the start of the new year a member of my team told me that the album had been nominated for a Grammy.  I am very pleased to hear and want to say thank you to the iconic group Black Uhuru for the opportunity to work with them on this project." 

A seemingly upbeat Bugle says he is very optimistic the reggae group can take home the win which would make it their second since nabbing the coveted silverware in 1984 for 'Best Reggae Recording' at the 27th staging (Shrine Auditorium) in Los Angeles, California. 

The 61st Annual Grammy Award will be held on February 10, 2019, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. 

Locally, Bugle has been enjoying premium rotation on the airwaves and social scene with his latest release titled 'World Party' featuring famed disc jock Razz Attack.