Monday, December 28, 2015

Spice Blast DHQ Sher, Nickeisha and Renee 6:30 On Instagram [WATCH VIDEO]

In a series of Instagram posts on Monday afternoon (December 28th) Dancehall artiste Spice appears to be holding nothing back as she lashed out at several female dancers who were once a part of her promotional team for what she claims are their 'ungrateful ways'. The 'Needle Eye' singer now embroiled in a war of words with DHQ Sher, DHQ Nickeisha and Renee 6:30 took to the popular social media platform to set the record straight on a number of eye-opening and controversal issues. 

Spice Instagram posts read: 

"I Beg my "REAL FANS" To forgive me but I need to get this off my chest because 2016 is gonna be a New ME. SHER See mi find the picture yah we u claim say mi give you Hat and take it back Where is the Hat on your head ? The only thing I see on you head is the 12 Pack a braid weh mi buy Fi you a Nicoles. The only person I gave a hat was yu Ungrateful fren Nickiesha because the hat could Not even fit on yu head. SHER mi Eva hire you Fi do a Nightly promotion yet ? How yah talk bout mi nah buy you liquor memba say when mi ask you to do promotion yu say u nah come out ever Night cause u itch up a D boy yard weh yah mine a Spanish town so how u vex Now.... yu claim mi head a hurt mi when mi buy clothes Fi mi dancer dem a Dat really a BUN U? Clothes can't hurt mi head little girl I OWN 2 STORES. I've never been a Hype girl always down to earth and easy going so that's y unu feel Mi and unu a Size. So make mi tell u what Hurt mi head When Mi BUY MI RANGE ROVER CASH dat hurt mi head....When mi Buy mi House CASH dat hurt mi Head when mi Take 5 million open a store Dat hurt mi head when mi Pay 20Million Fi build House A DEM sumn deh hurt mi head girl so have a Seat bout mi buy clothes and u know it a hurt mi Head. When mi did deh a you swimline a perfom and a roll pan D ground I was the best person to you but Now all of a sudden...mi Mean and wicked that was what you call "FREE WORK" so don't get it twisted I payed you 2 different Times to shoot one video and mi Neva OWE none a unu one cent yet I only ever hired you to do Promotions in the day so how night drop in and u so Lazy KMFT but your AIM Fi make mi look bad deh pan your shoulders. GOD DON'T SLEEP MEMBA DAT. don't think mi ago back and forth wid unu mi just wah u know Say U CANT BRING MI DOWN I've been bartered already and still standing mi Not even ago Mention Renne Six 30 weh say mi a waste Artiste cause the last time mi check She still a sleep wid har mother on the Same bed. My FANS Plz forgive me WHO GOD BLESS NO MAN CURSE"

Regarding Dancehall Queen Nickeisha, Spice added:

"Just 8 Weeks ago mi Buy you a first class ticket and carry you with me to Antigua I was your best of friend then you came back home with over $80,000 and Now mi BLACK and dutty AND LICK OUT BATTYπŸ˜ƒ when Wi go Antigua u left mi and go Dance GO GO and Shame me over deh...mi pratically beg u Fi finish Needle eye video mi pay unu More than one time Fi do the Same video ....Nickiesha mi need a book Fi you cause u say mi a Dancehall mattrass Call a Man or a Artiste weh u know mi deh wid or ever deh wid from my past girl don't do it please don't because the last time I check a Dancehall mattrass is some one like you weh deh wid Jay crazy , dancer Marvin, man a mobay , Man a Antigua Di selector Name weh mi no wah loud up and the Next dem Artiste weh yah walk and take. plus u go studio go sleep wid Dem and mi haffie come pick u up......mi could a buy yu a swaggy board girl u never haffie fuck Fuck fi it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Mi sorry fi yu baby father ricky eeesi Man smh...yu file stay Bad so mi no understand weh you a try say.....When mi ask u Fi do Night promotion you say u ago Tun Artiste so how all of a sudden mi get other girls and a u biggest problem when mi did get Momo u call and laugh memba So now u have a problem true unu hate dem girl yah. ....You ungrateful BAD and u follow SHER weh no wah see u reach further than her she set u up true she see what's in store for you and mi siddong and laugh same ting she did do wid renne and demarco Unu FOOL FOOL BAD DOEπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚....U Neva use to tell u BOSS Sher when mi a gi u mi money dem ? How free work drop inna mi ting and u got so much from my hands kmt Any way SAME TING goes for you GOD DONT SLEEP MEMBA DAT"

DHQ Sher, Nickeisha and Renee 6:30 were recently involved in a Night Club brawl with Spice newly appointed dancers at ONeil's Place on Hagley Park Road.

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