Friday, March 1, 2013

Dancehall Artiste Permanently Tattoo His Eye Balls

After making headlines last September with a provocative video for the single titled 'Not A Slack Song' which featured several scantily clad females dancing and one almost stripping completely naked; upcoming Dancehall deejay Alkaline in back in the news.

This time the controversial teenage entertainer has done what many would consider the unthinkable by permanently tattooing his eyes black. The seemingly sinister act has drawn varying criticism from outright shock to sheer amazement.

In an exclusive interview with Prism Marketing the former Ardenne High graduate explained the reason behind his actions, "all great or memorable things start out as a ridiculous idea generally frown upon by society__ when Kartel bleached his skin and tattooed his body people thought he was a mad man, but look now almost everybody doing it".
He continued, "Everybody have tattoos and bleaching so what is gonna make me any different if I follow that trend, So I started my own I decided to tattoo my eyes, no one has ever done that"

When quizzed about how people may perceive him and possible fears of going blind he added, "I'm not worried about what others think of me and I don't think about blindness", this was further bolstered by two quotes via his Facebook page which stated, "I take risks,I offend people, I do what i want, I say what i want ...I AM ALKALINE #inna real life __ TRY NOT TO JUDGE, THERE IS MORE TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL THAN WHAT MEETS THE EYE!!!! literally"

Earlier this week Alkaline released a viral video for his version of the Harlem Shake [watch video] showcasing his tattooed eyes and is gearing up to premier the video for his latest single 'Church Folks' produced by his management team Cahban Records.  


  1. straight fuckery.... yo, jamaicans , unno nuh fi endorse dis.... stop desecrate unno temple which is unno goody goody yo live up and stop tun duppy roun ya! reddda hott.... lavaaaa


  3. Then we wonder why our young girls behave the way they do in this society.......learned behaviour through socialization and culture.

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