Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gully Bop's Fiancée Threatens Lawsuit Against Tony Matterhorn, Selector Laughs!

After back and forth insults and social media posts between dancehall deejays Gully Bop and Tony Matterhorn, Gully Bop's fiancée, Shauna Chin, says she is now considering a lawsuit.

Chin, who was described by Tony Matterhorn as a 'dog', said that the remarks are damaging to her career.

"I have my music career now and he's slandering my name and my image! I have all rights to pursue a defamation of character suit. I am seriously considering this and have been in talks with my lawyer. I have nothing to do with all of this," she stated.

She added that Gully Bop's lyrics about the brand of cigarette called Matterhorn was not new, as he has performed it on countless occasions.

"He freestyle it at some of his shows which is on video recording, but the song was not recorded in the studio, cause I told him not to. He also used it in the Major Mackerel clash. The lyrics says: One Matterhorn an' yuh likkle b... gone. Two Craven-A an' a the wrong way yuh stay. Three Dragon Stout all yuh tongue man suck out. He also flips it sometimes to cater to the females," Chin said.

She also pointed out that Tony Matterhorn has disrespected a lot of people, so it was ironic that he would take offence to Gully Bop's statements.

"I don't business with man war, but when I have a point, I love to make it clear. Tony Matterhorn diss a lot of people, an' true one line a song?! I have to shake my head. Look how many things people diss Bop with all over social media and otherwise, and Bop never said mek me do a video an' diss back everybody. I have to laugh out loud cause this a sign. I know people see my point right? All of this is just 'ridunculous' to me," Chin said.

However, when contacted, Tony Matterhorn laughed at the prospect of being sued.

"Defamation of character? You (Chin) nuh have no character fi me defile. You are not an artiste, you only roll wid artiste. If you feel like a you a di only Chin inna the world then OK. How you know say a you me a talk? Is just a hype unuh a look. When since you turn artiste? Me done say wha me say and if you nuh like that, then go chuck off," Tony Matterhorn said.

Meanwhile, Chin, who performed her first solo single Wife Mi Name on the recently concluded Reggae Sumfest, says she has been focusing on releasing more singles for her fans.

"I'll be releasing the single officially for Rencie Kolours Production and right now I'm finishing up a brand new recording titled, The Truth, which I co-produced for my label, Bop Dem Records. I know people are gonna think it's an answer to what's going on now, but they're free to their opinion," she said.