Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dancehall Artiste Versatile Changes Name & Rubbish Feud Rumours [WATCH VIDEO]

Currently enjoying an upsurge in the dancehall space with the singles '3 Card Man' and 'Gyal Teggareg', recording artiste Versatile continues to make strategic moves aimed at bolstering his presence on both the local and international front.

The entertainer in recent times has been facilitating the idea of a rebranding exercise through a name change. Citing the reason for this move as his moniker not being unique especially when searches are conducted online. 

"Though the name 'Versatile' which means 'the ability to adapt to different situations and circumstances' is fitting based on my artistic talent. It still proves difficult especially when people are searching for my content online and it's based on this reason I have decided to officially change my name to 'Versi'."

The artiste says the new alias will afford him more exclusivity and make it easier for fans to find him online.  "The name is not a major change, many people already refer to me as 'Versi' in the streets because you know how Jamaicans are, they always shortening people name, so the only real difference is that I am now making it officially public."

Along with the new moniker, Versi has released a new visual for 'Watch Over My Head' via his official VEVO Channel (VERSIVEVO). The single is produced by Markus Records. The deejay says based on current feedback plans are also afoot to shoot the video for '3 Card Man' in the days ahead. This move comes as part of efforts to amplify his presence has the summer unfolds.

Meanwhile, when quizzed about the lyrics of '3 Card Man' Versi quickly moved to rubbish furphies explaining that the song is not aimed at any particular artiste and he will not be fueling those speculations. Stating that the song speaks to disingenuous persons he has encountered throughout his life and musical journey.

"It's one of those songs that people can relate to. It's about fake friends, pretenders, tricksters, who appear to be the best persons when they are actually the worst. Just like the three card man, these fake friends are tricksters. They behave like they mean you good, when that is not their real intent. They smile with you, but behind your back tear you down."

The song was produced by Hempton Music, on the Happy Mood Rhythm.

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