Monday, July 31, 2017

Aidonia & Bounty Killer Rule at Dream Live [WATCH VIDEO]

The 2017 Dream Weekend party series officially kicked off on Friday with Magnum Dream Live Concert.

By midnight hundreds of 'Dreamers' were already inside the Cayenne Beach venue in Negril. Other patrons kept the bike taxis and shuttle bus drivers busy as they eagerly made their way to the event. Pulsating music blazed from the speaker boxes while bartenders provided refreshing drink mixes.

Soon after it was time for the evening's performances. Bounty Killer and Aidonia were standouts.

The audience went wild when Bounty Killer was called onstage by Mascika, who had earlier delivered a tight set. After both performed their collaboration General, Bounty Killer had the audience's undivided attention. His set included Can't Believe Me Eyes, Bullet Proof Vest, Anytime, and Da Summen Deh.

Bounty Killer diverted his attention to the females, trying to woo them with his 'singing' talent. He then went into hit songs, including Wutliss Bwoy, Stuckie, and Say You Leaving.

“Unuh see the power weh woman possess? The girls dem make the cross and angry deejay turn inna R&B singer,” a male patron said jokingly.

After Bounty Killer, Aidonia maintained the energy. He had the audience deejaying along in unison to songs like Squeeze Off, Work It, Crazy, and Nuh Take Chat From Nuh Bwoy. Several female fans ran to the front of the stage to get closer to him. They were rewarded with hits including Tip Pon Yuh Toe, Wine and Turn Run Road, Fi Di Jockey, and Dat a Di Ting

Tarrus Riley and Tommy Lee Sparta also performed earlier in the evening. There were, however, mixed reactions to their performances.

“I wasn't impressed with all of the acts... I liked the acts that performed last year,” said a female patron, who wished to remain anonymous.

The organisers of the Magnum Dream Live must be commended that the event ended within the stipulated 4:00 am cut-off time. The occasion was also incident free.