Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blak Ryno Visits Vybz Kartel In Jail? Artiste Explains

On Wednesday afternoon a photo sent to our offices from an unknown source is already stirring a new round of controversy. The image shows, former Gaza member Blak Ryno standing next to a man behind bars that bears a striking resemblance to incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel.

Did Ryno actually visit Kartel? is the questioned being asked considering the strained relations they've had in recent times. Looking closer, the man clad in a yellow shirt, black jacket and sunglasses even sports the signature bleached complexion and neck tattoos of the Gaza boss.

Is the photo real? or merely the work of a skilled graphic artist. Speaking with police personnel we were advised that inmates are generally not allowed to attire in such a manner, we also contacted Blak Ryno to validate the authenticity of the image.

According to Ryno, the photo is real, however the man behind bars is not Vybz Kartel but merely someone that looks like the deejay. "ah me inna the picture but di bredda is not Kartel is a man weh look like him, is a video shoot me deh and see him walk up to the grill and hail me. When mi see him me shock because him look just like the artiste. him say him want a picture and we just shoot it."
Ryno says he does not have a copy of the photo nor any knowledge of how it got out, citing it probably was leaked by someone from the shoot. As there were others on set taking pictures.

The Garrison recording artiste is currently promoting his new single 'Bere Gyal' on the Markus Records imprint. Plans are also in motion for his birthday celebrations in December.

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