Friday, February 22, 2013

Chedda Responds To Lyrical Shots Fired By Ajrenalin

Fast rising Dancehall deejay Ajrenalin after firing a lyrical salvo last year in a viral video titled 'Ransom Freestyle' [watch video] subsequently making the news headlines, appears to have caught the interest of ANG member Chedda.

During the 2:39 minutes long video, Ajrenalin calls out Chedda with the ostentatious lines:
"mi flow dem hot like magma lef dem short a breath like asthma__ but anyways mi nuh see nuh artiste weh fi test mi or duo__ Chedda when mi seh duo that include yuh__ mi style dem boss like hugo cause mi practice like a judo__ mi naw fi ask fi kudo cause mi have grenade like bruno."

Despite initially declining to comment, Chedda seems have reversed his stance from docile to defensive with the release a counteraction titled 'Lyrical Meziyah'. The composition done as an exclusive freestyle is featured on Sunjock Calico's latest mixtape 'SUNBOSS'.

In the song a militant sounding Chedda boast, "nothing cyah save yuh nuh doctor or drip__ f*ck up crime scene bun up forensic __ mi nuh care who yuh frens with__ hollowtip make a entry life a exit__ I'm so immaculate like my ex-wife Ajrena say him badder than mi must inna me next life___ p***yhole tell yuh muma pick a coffin best price__ cause nuh body cyah save yuh not even the God weh siddung next to Christ."
When quizzed about the reason for the delayed response Chedda explained, "At that point I was focused on restructuring my career in preparation for the new year, so the timing wasn't right. However you can't call yourself a lyricist and not expect that you will be challenged. Last I checked I'm not Usain Bolt so I stand my ground."

Chedda, the newest member of the Bounty Killer led, Alliance Next Generation says he has no issues with Ajrenalin so the fans should not take it personal, it's just music, "him clap first so me go rapid burst."

Meanwhile, after completing a series of Caribbean stint late last year Ajrenalin is now focused on promoting his new video 'One Room' while Chedda is booked to appear at 'Black Out' and 'Colour Rain' in the coming weeks.