Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Demarco Pens Heartfelt Tributes For His Mother

Following the passing of his beloved mother Ms. Gloria Edwards in Baltimore, Maryland in late December 2014 after succumbing to her battle with cancer; international recording artiste Demarco is slowly picking up the pieces in an attempt to move forward with his life. In an effort to bring some solace and closure to the untimely event the singer recently penned a pair of ballads in tribute to his mother for all the valuable lessons imparted while she was alive.  

Produced by ZJ Rush’s - Code 91 Records ‘I Love My Mama’, the first of two singles honours Ms. Edwards and tells a vivid tale of the perils faced during Demarco’s childhood years in Jamaica and the sacrifices she made.

According to Demarco, “The song brings comfort to me and it’s also my way of honouring my mother and keeping her spirit alive. ‘I Love My Mama’ is one of those songs that a lot of people can relate to especially as a single parent living in a third world country, where certain  benefits and opportunities are not readily available, but your mother always seems to find a way to make things work despite the challenges.”

Meanwhile, the second single ‘Celebrate My Life’ featured on the One Hundred Degrees Riddim produced by Control Tower Squad also pays homage to his mother amidst encouraging inner-city youths to stay focus and work hard notwithstanding the daunting journey  ahead in achieving their goals. Here a few lines from the song, 

“Big up every ghetto youth we a dig road rough, whether you wipe car glass or load bus__ taxi man mek yuh money run robot __coil haffi thick up inna mama hand fold up__ Life nuh well but we a mek it work __ghetto youths.. nuff a mi friend dem mi see gone inna dirty___ No GOD mi nuh want see no more face pon T-shirt__ GOD know and who feels it knows it hurts___ and that’s why me glad me street smart Jahkno mi nuh weak¬¬__ countless nights outta road we a sleep__ still a give thanks all though mi nuh seet__ mama hide and bawl nuh want we know she a weep___ tek we hand tun fashion when hungry a beat__ chicken back tun cornmeal a dweet___ mi love fi see the unity when party a keep__  ghetto life mek mi know life sweet___ yuh see me …me a gwaan celebrate my life….”

Both songs were officially released last week and have been enjoying immense rotation on the FM airwaves.  Currently in Europe on a month-long tour of that continent Demarco says he is very thankful for the support the songs have been receiving and plans to launch his own campaign in the days ahead. The ‘Bun Up Road’ singjay is slated to return to Jamaica on March 3rd to continue work on several music videos along with the new season of his reality series ‘Talk Yuh Mind'.