Friday, May 22, 2015

Sizzla Kalonji To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Global reggae icon Sizzla is the recipient of an honourary Lifetime Achievement award, to be presented by THE STAR.

The artiste will be presented with this award at the STAR Awards Show and Free Concert at the waterfront in downtown Kingston on May 30.

The entertainer, born Miguel Collins, is one of the most successful contemporary reggae artistes and is noted for his high number of releases, with over 70 solo albums worldwide. His work, The Messiah, released in May 2013, earned Sizzla his first ever Grammy nomination in 2014, in the Best reggae album category.

Apart from his music, which has garnered him much fame over the years, Sizzla, 39, has made strides through humanitarian ventures. He is the founder of the Sizzla Youth Foundation, which focuses on youths in August Town, Tavern, Mona Commons, Waterhouse, Stony Hill and surrounding areas.

Sizzla is also the musical ambassador of the August Town community and of African nation, Gambia. He has been a pioneer for the Repatriation Movement and was also bestowed the 1st Royal Crown Prince of the Chirono Throne and Western Gold Region, Ghana.

Locally, Sizzla is the indigenous president and treasurer for Rastafari Nation and Royal Regent and treasurer for the Haile Selassie I Jah Rastafari Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church. When told that he will be honoured at this years' staging of the STAR Awards, Sizzla was indeed appreciative.
He said, "It's a great feeling and I am honoured to be recognised by the public. The recognition came through deliberating effort of the black movement. Sizzla, over the years, has been a leader in this cause. It's a blessing from Jah and the love and respect from the people who have been treasured, and as such will be honoured perpetually."

Sizzla, CEO of Kalonji Music Production, has also been credited with leading a movement towards the 're-embracement' of Rastafarian values in contemporary reggae music by recording material which is concerned primarily with spirituality and social consciousness, where he explores common themes such as the disenfranchisement of the ghetto youth and oppression of the black nation.

Sizzla is known for his huge catalogue of mega hits which include Just One of Those Days, Solid As a Rock, Black Woman And Child, Rise To the Occassion, Thank You Mama, Take Myself Away, Dem A Wonder, Taking Over, No White God and Words Of Divine.