Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fantan Mojah Demands Credit From Quick Cook For 'BREAD' Slang [WATCH VIDEO]

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah is demanding credit from recording artiste Quick Cook, who he says stole the concept of his song called 'Nah Broke Nuh Bread', which was released in 2013.

According to the veteran, Jamaican artistes are copycats. "Jamaica artiste, how unno copycat suh? After unno hear mi sey some a unno artistes nah bruck nuh bread. Some a unno boy too mean and mi sing a song sey they don't want to break any bread, they want their brother to drop down and dead. Mi hear everybody jump now bout bruk bread and wet bread and this and that about bread. Unno come from country? Unno know style? Unno nuh know grandma and grandpa style, man, leave people style, a come talk bout wet bread unno love when things saggy," Fantan Mojah said.
However, Quick Cook told the media that he is the rightful owner of the 'Bread' slang. He also accused Fantan Mojah of trying to ride his wave.

"A shop talk Fantan Mojah a mek, a betta him stop talk. A hear him hear mi thing and jump pon it. Fantan see the bread a get weh and a try cut a slice a di bread," he said. "All Mavado have a song a sey bread and nobody knows of Fantan Mojah saying bread. If him did a sey bread from time, him wouldn't haffi sing bout mama hungry, a me a di bread boss ya now."

Quick Cook is also promoting singles like Shub Out, produced by DJ Liquid, Go Go produced by Rvssion and Back Pon Di Floor. "Mi nuh have time a argue wid Fantan over mi own creation. Just know all bookings for Quick Cook guh through Purple Skunk Music," he said.

Quick Cook recently performed his song Glory, at the Star Awards along with Esco and Di Kreecha.