Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ajrenalin Issues Challenge to Masicka, Navino, Chedda, Jahmiel?

Emerging deejay Ajrenalin of New League Music seems intent on making an impact this year. On Monday the rising lyricist released a viral video titled 'Ransom Freestyle' from his mixtape allegedly throwing down the lyrical gauntlet to fellow entertainers: Chedda, Navino, Jahmiel, Potential Kid and Masicka.

The video shows Ajrenalin decked in a black and red ensemble, cruising the streets in a BMW convertible motorcar blatantly stating that none of the aforementioned are as lyrically potent and dares anyone who wants to prove otherwise.

Here are some lines from the song:
"mi flow dem hard like syllabus__ mi vocal chord dem vigorous__ it rigorous__  but yet still artiste like Potential still a buss___  artiste fi hear mi song and fret till di song done__ mi gyal say kill Jahmiel and Navino and done__ she want me song buss like Chino condom......
Mi nuh see nuh man at all ah answer___ dem caution like amber__ mi have lyrics like book a Sangster...
But anyway mi nuh see nuh artiste weh fi test mi or duo, Chedda when mi seh duo that include yuh__ mi style dem boss like hugo cause mi practice like a judo"

In a previous video titled 'Preview Freestyle' the artiste is seen in a recording session allegedly taking shots at Masicka's 'Baddest' with the lines:
"Some deejay nah go get di frame much less fi get the picture___ mi hear a likkle just come artiste ah say him ah the baddest__ hol on deh mek mi assess it__ him funnier than Cedric___ inexperience and pathetic put dung music try athletics___ cause dis business nah nuh ethics mi ah di freshest call mi lettuce ___ tell dem fi answer back di baddest deejay pon di block and when mi say gyal inna mi room mi nah talk bout nuh almanac".

Since taking aim at Masicka the New League recording artiste has not garnered a response. However this latest release his expected to ruffle a few feathers among some of the industry's youngest and most savvy wordsmiths.