Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tommy Lee Sparta Being Sued For $1.5 Million Dollars

Red hot Jamaican Dancehall rookie Tommy Lee Sparta who recently completed a promotional stint in Toronto, Canada is once again the focus of controversy.

The deejay along with his management team and a Florida based agency are being sued for the sum of $1.5  million dollars by Canadian promoter CVR Entertainment Promo. According to the promoter after three weeks of intense promotion for Tommy Lee's upcoming December 15th concert, it's alleged that his management has backed out of the agreement, citing fraudulent business transactions as the reason.

The promoter said he became aware of the situation after a statement from Tommy Lee Sparta’s manager was blasted via email and it read:  “We have no intention to do that Canada show on December 15th. The promoter is a con man. He deposited a fraud check to pay for two dates, another one in Trinidad for November 17th as well. The bank pulled back the funds and notified us of the situation. The check was drawn on a Canadian based company which we have permanently blocked from doing business with as well as their affiliates”

Responding to the allegations Richard Hope, CEO of CVR Entertainment Promo said, we had indeed booked Tommy Lee Sparta to perform in the areas sighted in the Tommy Lee Management blast, but, as for the issuing of ‘fraudulent cheques’, Hope stated, “We’re a legit’ company that does everything by the book, how could we issue fraudulent cheques from our own account; that would be plain stupid”. He continued, “It makes no sense, it’s a stupid allegation that won’t stick in court. We sent them (Heavy D Management /Affiliate agent Jacklyn Baker Of Borderline Agency in Florida) a postdated cheque dated for November 17 2012 and had our signed contract for the shows. What happened is that someone from their camp not only changed the date on the cheque, but also tried to deposit it afterwards. The date of the post dated cheque was 11/17/2012, they changed it to 10/11/2012 – a date previous to the contract even being signed”.
“We sent them (Tommy Lee Management & Borderline Agency) part of the money in advance, a $1,000 money gram which we have a receipt for. But they wanted the other half sent before work permits were issued. That’s one thing we could not do, we’ve had problems in the past with Jamaican artistes not having the proper paperwork entitling them enter and work in Canada. Besides, nobody gives an artist one hundred percent (100%) of their money in advance.  They were always going to get their money, our lawyer had put the required funds in an escrow account, so their money was always secure, but they wanted to receive, withdraw and have the right to spend their entire fee before even setting foot here. That shows desperation for money, that’s how promoters lose, you can’t come into a county, do nothing and get paid”.

Hope further stated, “They (Tommy Lee Management & Borderline Agency) are now under investigation for fraudulently changing the date on the cheque so that they could have access to funds that was not yet theirs. What they did was easily traceable and recognizable by the banks and our lawyers. Furthermore, they are tarnishing the name of a reputable company who does business all around the world, by making and publicizing these false accusations. We’re now in the process of dropping a lawsuit on Tommy Lee Sparta & Borderline Agency in Florida and his (Tommy Lee’s) management for their actions leading to the cancellation of our shows”.

“We’re suing them for 1.5 million dollars, as damages for tarnishing our name and as reimbursement for the lost revenues from the cancelled shows. We’re also red-flagging every person on their travelling party, from Canada on a whole, Germany, everywhere  We’re also sending a letter from our lawyers to the Jamaican High Commission and also the UK High Commissioner for their foolish act. We’re shutting them down entirely. Legally we have to do so after December 15th (the initially scheduled Toronto show date), so it’s just a matter of time. They may think this is a joke, but everything we say are facts”.