Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bounty Killer Issues Warning To Munga Honorable

Dancehall defender and iconic deejay Bounty Killer known for his militancy has stepped to the fore once again in defense of his legacy.

The Alliance leader appears to be on the war path after his group was sullied by resurgent deejay Munga Honorable in a recent song titled 'Affe Dead'. In the track, Munga throws down a challenge to three of the leading musical camps locally (Alliance, Gaza & J.O.P) stating he is not afraid to contest any of the aforementioned in a lyrical showdown.

Bounty who has always reserved some level of respect for the dreadlock singer, rescinded on his position and took to social media site Twitter venting his displeasure with Munga's rants, the Warlord tweeted.

"Munga u are no more honorable ur ending is inevitable from u dissed Alliance u dissed me as well so anything a anything u who ran from debra sprat 08 and flopped ur career real go there maad r*ss now everybody!!!"

Within hours Munga quickly fired back via the same medium stating, "Bounty Killer u nor nuh man cyaan tek MUNGA HONORABLE HONOR. Hotfoot"

Meanwhile, the JOP and Gaza camps have remained mum on the issue.