Monday, February 23, 2015

Jah Vinci Premiers New Video For 'Nobody Knows' On VEVO

For many birthdays are considered a time for celebration and merriment, ironically for Dancehall recording artiste Jah Vinci it’s a time of grief and reflection following an unfortunate tragedy a few years ago.

Born February 9th, the singer on several occasions has found himself grappling with the reality of losing his beloved brother Mark Anthony White on that exact day six years ago, after he was gunned down in the vicinity of Cassava Piece by unknown assailants in a case of mistaken identity. Since then Jah Vinci has never celebrated his special day but instead uses the occasion as a memorial for his older sibling.

Though he has never spoken publicly about the incident, the ‘Watch Yuh Friends’ singer has always tried to find various avenues to channel his grief and recently penned and shot a video for the composition titled ‘Where Do Angels Go(Nobody Knows) in dedication to this brother.