Monday, April 27, 2015

Alkaline & Kalado Trade Lyrical Shots On Wrangla Riddim

As the summer fast approaches it appears that the battle lines are being drawn once again following the now quelled feud between Demarco and Konshen as Dancehall's rising star Kalado has signaled his intention to start a lyrical warfare by throwing down the gauntlet to fellow controversial deejay Alkaline on the just released Wrangla Riddim.

Alkaline who has been relatively quiet on the local scene last week released as single on the Dj Sunshine produced Wrangla Riddim titled 'Declare Weh Yuh Have' stating that potential contenders should declare their assets and career before they try to disrespect him. He also says he sees himself as the 'new Shabba Ranks of Dancehall', a statement that many within the genre has found offensive.

The utterances seems to have not gone down so well with Kalado, who wasted no time in firing off a series of lyrical shots at Akaline in a counteraction titled 'Weh Yuh Nuh Have' .

Here are a few lines from Kalado's song:

"Anal wash yute yow.. a nuh mi yuh a talk after yuh career dun b***y up.. bout pair weh yuh have like yuh want me give yuh a bulla fi eat__ nobody nuh wah hear weh yuh have b***y a bun yuh fi the chain weh yuh have..... likkle b***y wash yute we dun hear yuh a fag"

For many Dancehall has been stagnant in recent times and the possibility of a lyrical war could be a shot in the arm in reviving the exciting days. Will Alkaline response? is the question being asked as he is well known for evading the many challenges that has been throw his way in the past.