Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kalado & His Entourage Attack Walk N Talk At Street Dance

Is the frustration of  not having a U.S visa anymore getting to  Kalado? The deejay of late has been creating quite a stir seemingly with the intent of starting a feud.

876ENT understands in recent times the artiste has been taking several lyrical shots at fellow deejay Alkaline via social media and also on the newly released Wrangla Riddim, nonetheless the black-eyed deejay continues to ignore him despite throwing a few jabs at Kalado himself in the song 'Declare Weh Yuh Have'. 

If that's not enough on Tuesday night while at the popular Nipples Tuesday weekly event, online reality TV star and music promoter Walk N Talk found himself allegedly being accosted by Kalado and several members of his entourage in a hostile manner. 

According to Walk N Talk, he was standing outside the event when he felt someone pushed him like a girl, only to realise it was Kalado who proceeded to hurl a barrage of threats at him about what would happen when the event ended. 

Moments into the event Walk N Talk said he noticed several men approaching him aggressively from various direction brandishing numerous projectiles, he was then hit in the neck by one of the men while the others hurled threats at him in the presence of the deejay. 

Walk N Talk said it was several onlookers who realise what was happening and came to his rescue, popular selector Wessy Wessy could also be heard over the microphone chiding Kalado for the untimely disturbance which led to a large number of patrons leaving the venue.

Efforts by 876ENT to contact Kalado for a comment proved futile, however many are speculating the attack could be linked to previous comments made by Walk N Talk in the very popular Talk Yuh Mind reality series hosted by recording artiste Demarco, nonetheless we will keep you posted as the story unfolds.