Monday, October 29, 2012

NO STING for Bounty Killer, Says Laing Is Disrespectful

Alliance leader and veteran Dancehall deejay Bounty Killer is upset with the promoter of the annual STING concert and has taken to the social media to vent is grouse. The iconic entertainer over the weekend took to twitter to vent his disapproval of utterances made by STING promoter Isaiah Laing during an interview on TVJ's Entertainment Report.

In the interview the former crime fighter turn promoter intimated that the possibility exist that Dancehall newcomer Tommy Lee Sparta could pose a formidable challenge for Bounty Killer and may even defeat him in a lyrical showdown. Comparing Bounty to Trevor Berbick and Tommy Lee to Mike Tyson,  a match that ended with Jamaica's Berbick being knocked senseless by the then vehement Tyson. 

As the interview continued the promoter also made several other disheartening remarks. 

Bounty in is usual  militant no nonsense mode quickly tweeted: 
"My self value is value way more than the value of a dollar, plus laing dem don't even have no money to pay man, is just 4 the love of dancehall and hardcore music fans I do sting, but laing passed his place few much times now, f*ck dutty sting and supreme promotions let's see how far dem and nyami lee can go now, a me and ninja hold up that over the years, a devil dem me nuh need sting but sting needs me, and look out 4 the return of SADDLE TO THE EAST to ppl tired a dem now to bloodcl**th!!!"

A seemingly upset Bounty continued, "Who the f*ck laing think him be ppl??? I watched him dissed beenie dissed vado dissed kartel now dissed ninja dissed me numerous times and finally dissed me again a the nail inna that sting coffin now that's all folks!!!