Monday, July 20, 2015

"I Have Worked Extensively With Gays" - Says Queen Ifrica [WATCH VIDEO]

Queen Ifrica says that her songs have been embraced by members of the homosexual community. Speaking in a video that has gone viral on social media, the Lioness On The Rise hitmaker says her music has been comforting to gay men who have been victims of rape or incest.

"I have worked extensively with people from the gay community since I did Daddy Don't Touch Me There," said Ifrica.

The reggae artiste said she has spoken to 'confused homosexuals' who called her brave for choosing to sing about touchy topics such as incest in her work. Ifrica added that, "Some of them, their fathers were the ones responsible for breaking them into that lifestyle."

She expressed pride at her choice of topics for her music. "I feel proud of myself that I am able to stand in a time where it is taboo and cliché to speak the truth about anything that has to do with self-development and self- awareness," said Ifrica.

In the video, the Below The Waist singer also said that she is determined to continue to express her opinions freely.

"We don't live in a world where you can go about and just do what you want anymore. We are censored, we are under scrutiny, there are elements among us that want to be gods," said Ifrica.

The artiste said she will continue to speak the truth for the people who are now afraid to voice their opinions because of the 'censorship' of opinions by those who "think they are the ones who raise the sun."

In 2013, Queen Ifrica caused controversy during a performance at the Independence Grand Gala when she declared,"All a di people wah inna di stadium, put you hand inna di air, all straight people, man an' woman me seh".

Since then, Ifrica has faced backlash from activists from the homosexual community, especially abroad which have caused her to be removed from shows in Canada and the United States. Earlier this month, two sponsors of the Edmonton Reggae Festival in Canada where Ifrica is one of the headliners, withdrew their sponsorship from the show citing concern for Canadian promoters inviting anti-gay performers to the country.

But Ifrica responded to the sponsors' pulling out by stating that, "Don't try to shut me up and put me in a corner and then you're able to walk around freely, that's injustice."

The musician said she desires dialogue with those who oppose her views. "If we really want to have a world where there is coexistence in it where people live alongside of each other then we have to learn how to dialogue," said Ifrica.

A press release from the Edmonton Reggae Festival announced that performers including Queen Ifrica along with I-Wayne and Capleton will have a code of conduct to adhere to in their performance at the festival. The code of conduct bans "defamation of character or group", this includes defamation on the basis of sexual preference/lifestyle, economic status, gender, ethnicity and religion.