Friday, July 10, 2015

Masicka Denies Dissing Alkaline In New Song

Although persons are suggesting that Masicka's new song 'Check Again' was done as a diss for Alkaline, Masicka says this is not the case.

The song that was done on the 'Wrangla' rhythm some weeks ago has already racked up about 100,000 views online. Since the release, some persons have been saying the song is a clever diss of rival artiste Alkaline, especially when he says, "mi nah put no hair inna mi hair like Gwen/ true a follow dem a follow, dem a wait pon another trend fi start again."

However, Masicka has not confirmed that it is in fact a diss for Alkaline.

"Mi nah really diss Alkaline. A the street a say so, to me, the song just a correct the place. It a play hard, it de pon every mixtape, the riddim ah go real hard. Crazy people see me in the streets and say dem a feel da song de, and it ah play inna the street dances and the radio. Mi love how the summer look, the shows dem a come in. Corey Todd a go shoot the video for Check Again this month," he said.

On social media sites, fans are torn between Alkaline and Masicka and who has the leading song on the rhythm. On YouTube, one person commented saying, "Up up up... I'm on the fence about who really took this rhythm. Masicka or Alkaline? Di two a dem go hard, mi naah lie."

But this is not the latest Masicka song to create a stir in the public domain, as Answer Me, his collaboration with Ishawna, sent some tongues wagging recently.

The video has racked up over 162,000 views in only one month, and social media is riled up about how close the two were in the music video.

"We're getting airplay on ZIP, IRIE, HITZ. The video basically reach over 160,000 views already. Every disc jockey a spin it, the fans dem love it and now it hit the top 10 of the local charts," he said, adding that he recently released other songs like Such Is Life and Buss The Cylinder.