Thursday, August 13, 2015

Reggae Singer DANN-I Road Manager Survives Brutal Stabbing Attack [SEE PHOTOS]

Adrian Wright otherwise known as ‘Prof’ who operates in the capacity of Road Manager for Reggae singer DANN-I was the unfortunate victim of a mysterious stabbing incident after he was attacked by a man while talking to a friend.

The incident occured late Wednesday evening on August 12th in the vicinity of Sandy Bay main road in Clarendon. According to Wright he was on the road speaking with a friend when he was pounced upon by a man said to be on drug who proceeded to stab him multiple times all over his body with a knife. 

Lucky to still be alive, Wright recieved multiple stabs to his face, throat, chest, head and hand before fending off his attacker who ran from the scene. Despite bleeding profusely he managed to drive himself to the nearby May Pen Hospital where he was treated and and subsequently released early Thursday morning.

Wright says he is still baffled as to the motive for the attack but was thankful he surving the near fatal ordeal. The matter has been reported to the May Pen Police.