Wednesday, August 12, 2015

German Selector Blames Tony Matterhorn For His Arrest

In a video interview shared on various social media sites, Shotta Paul said while police officers escorted the Tony Matterhorn from the venue, he suggested that the police arrest the Jugglerz team for expletives used during the clash. 

"Somebody told me that they heard Matterhorn say 'yow so what about the two Germans dem, yuh nah pick dem up, yuh nah go fi dem'. That's a messed up thing to say. I kinda feel disappointed that he called our name because we would have gotten away," Shotta Paul said. 

But Matterhorn who said the video was brought to his attention by someone else, has denied this claim, adding that the Shotta Paul, like many others he has clashed with recently, "been a look a hype off a Matterhorn." 

"To me everybody jus a look a hype. A nuh me seh dat, other people who were there seh dat. Me just did a talk to the police and obviously people who were there probably seh, 'why unnu arrest Matterhorn and not dem but dem [Jugglerz] nah go mek it seem like a people seh that," Matterhorn ranted. 

"Dats why mi seh mi nuh trust white people, dem always waah try bring dung somebody black," Matterhorn added jokingly. 

Meanwhile Shotta Paul said he was shocked at his arrest because the police did not give their usual warning about the use of expletives before the clash at Dream Weekend. 

Because of this, Shotta Paul said his team was under the impression that the usual policies regarding expletives were relaxed. He said his teammate escaped while he was whisked away in a van to the Negril police station. 

"There I was in the police van with Matterhorn and about 15 police people. It was really like when you go pon a minibus in Jamaica," Shotta Paul said between chuckles. 

He also said Matterhorn tried to talk himself out of the problem while they were being held at the Negril police station. 

"Materhorn was talking non-stop trying to somehow get out of it. He is a real celebrity, everybody know him the police were even laughing at his jokes," Shotta Paul recalled. 

But Tony Matterhorn who was declared winner of the World Vibes Clash by majority of the patrons at Dream Weekend said the situation with the police wasn't that serious. 

"We neva locked up we just deh deh a chat to the police dem, so weh mi fi do, nuh entertain dem. To tell you the truth I don't even know if we were fined," Matterhorn told the Media between chuckles.