Friday, November 10, 2017

Bugle Spontaneously Releases 40-Track Compilation [DOWNLOAD AUDIO]

Reggae stalwart Bugle has concocted a new mixtape for the Yuletide season. Titled 'Spontaneous' the compilation features a collective of 40-tracks spanning both the Reggae and Dancehall genres with guest appearances from An9ted Entertainment affiliates Alexx A-Game and Samboni while production credits come courtesy of noted producer and disc jock Razz Attack. The 'Ganja' hitmaker says he is excited about the project and know the fans will be pleased because there is something on it for everyone regardless of their musical palette.

Alluding to the compilation Bugle says, though he would love to give all his fans a copy of the 'Be Yourself' album, it's not financially feasible but also in the same vein he doesn't want to leave them empty-handed. Hence the creation of a mixtape.

"The idea for 'Spontaneous' arose following a meeting with my team who noted that on a daily basis people are always asking for free copies of the albums or some sort of promotional material. However, based on the economic landscape, to give the album away is not a viable option. Therefore the decision was taken to invest in a mixtape that would feature some of my most recent recordings interspersed with the classics and some great selections from emerging talents within the industry."