Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Television Host Pepita Axed From Intense

Popular Jamaican television personality, Pepita Little aka Chica Pepita has been relieved of her duties as host of the popular Television Jamaica (TVJ) program, Intense. 

The curvaceous personality, who’s hosted the TVJ entertainment show over the last three years, was axed from Intense on Monday following an altercation with a fellow co-worker last week; leading to her departure. Pepita made the surprising revelation in a press release issued via her official Facebook page on Monday night.

"Last week at TVJ, I made an unfortunate decision and allowed my emotions to overpower my better judgement and reacted to a situation and got into an altercation with a fellow co-worker instead of walking away. It was an unfortunate choice that has caused me to lose a job that meant so much to me, but I have to take responsibility and learn from this and move forward,” Pepitaexplained.

With a noticeably sad tone, Pepita thanked her legions of fans who made her a household name on Intense and gave her the confidence to perform her obligations on the TVJ program; obligations she insisted that she enjoyed doing.

 "To my Intense peeps. I'm writing this post with a very heavy heart because, sadly, I will no longer be the host of Intense. Over the course of the three years, I've worked with Intense, you all have shown me so much love and support and for that I thank you! I always felt welcomed everywhere I went - every party, every school," she said.

"I never dreamt of the day where I would not get to say, this is your Chica Pepita, walk good and live Intense.” 

Fans on social media expressed disbelief at the news; claiming amongst other things that Intense was nothing without Pepita was host while some fans encouraged her to pursue higher goals given that this was just the beginning for her career.

Meanwhile, Intense producer, Sharon Schroeter expressed her disappointment regarding the decision to let Pepita walk.

"I'm disappointed at the decision ... Pepita is an excellent presenter and I wish her all the best in the future," Schroeter said.

As for who will replace Pepita, Schroeter told fans of Intense to watch and see who will become the show’s replacement host as she revealed that TVJ has yet to make a decision on who will take over the post.