Thursday, September 6, 2012

Etana To Premier Riveting New Talk Show On CVM-TV

Soulful singer Etana is due to give birth in the coming weeks but that hasn't slowed her down as come October the Reggae crooner will be premiering her new television show called 'Against All Odds' on CVM Television in Jamaica.

According to Etana, this will be a regular 13-week series based on "people who have been through a lot of struggles and making it out of their circumstances." She said the show will have many tear-jerking stories, but will also features stories that everyone can relate to.

"I think it is something for everyone to watch. This show will help a lot of people to look at life totally different. It will change their perspective completely, and let people see what they take for granted," Etana explained.

Although she enjoys hosting and performing, Etana says both experiences are different. The singer and her husband Andrew Morris are expecting a child in November. This will be her second child.

"When I am onstage, I totally let go. There's nothing to think about. It's just music, you just soak up the energy of the crowd. But with hosting I have to be totally real. Sometimes you have to remember the timing, you have to think a lot," she said.

Excited about giving birth Etana is just as happy about the release of her upcoming album 'Better Tomorrow' early next year. In addition, she is expected be releasing the title track Better Tomorrow and Foreplay To Love as singles.