Thursday, September 6, 2012

Popcaan's New T-Shirt Line To Hit Stores In November

With the tough economic climate currently facing Jamaica more entertainers are finding ways to diversify their income and emerging dancehall superstar Popcaan is no different.

The artiste whose given name is Andre Sutherland can now add the title of entrepreneur to his list of accolades as the prominent Jamaican entertainer will unveil his line of t-shirts later this year.

The T-shirts, designed for both males and females is expected to hit stores in November and feature a number of color schemes including dark and light blue as well as red, orange and pink. Additionally, the front of said shirts features a number of popular slangs coined by the When Me Party singer including ‘Fry Yiy,’ ‘Peppa Skull, ‘So Bad’ and ‘Yaaoow’ while the back of these shirts don cartoon silhouettes of the deejay.

Renowned Jamaican designer, Romeich Major is credited with designing the t-shirts for which previews and pictures have emerged.

Popcaan’s T-Shirt line will be made available across select stores in Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios in mid-November. Prices for the apparel have yet to be announced.