Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dancehall Gets Demonic? Vybz Kartel Releases 'Daddy Devil'

Since the emergence of Vybz Kartel latest protégé Tommy Lee, the sound known to many as Dancehall has taken a very demonic turn. A move one could say was almost single-handed orchestrated by the Gaza outfit with some of its members emitting very infernal traits. 

Following Kartel's Illuminati/Freemason episode a few years ago, Tommy Lee in recent weeks has become the focus of controversy with the release of the diabolical composition 'Uncle Demon'. A song accused of glorifying sinister behaviour while declaring praise to the Legion [a group of demons referred to in the Christian Bible]. After coming under harsh criticism from the christian community, Tommy Lee issued a statement explaining he was not a Devil Worshipper but merely sang material based on the inspiration from the rhythms he was given.

On Thursday afternoon, incarcerated deejay and Gaza boss Vybz Kartel released a new single titled 'Daddy Devil' on the UIM Records imprint taking a similar but somewhat milder tone to Tommy Lee's composition.

Is this the future of Dancehall? Many will argue No!, it's just a deliberate attempt by Kartel and his cronies to play with the minds of the God fearing masses while achieving immense popularity in the process. For others it merely Kartel's earlier unreleased material being regurgitated and reworked to create intrigue and the facade as though he's still actively recording.