Tuesday, November 6, 2012

D'Angel & Markus Record Song About Baby Rumours

Dancehall's former first lady D'Angel and producer Markus Myrie, currently the subject of controversy. Where it's alleged that the 'Anso' singer is pregnant for Myrie has combined their efforts to record a new single addressing the contentious issue.

The collaborative effort titled 'A My Life' was also produced by the teenage prodigy on the Blender Rhythm and sees D'Angel speaking out against the vicious rumour, while expressing that it's her life and she can do whatever pleases her. The project also features a song from Elephant Man entitled 'Not Having It'

In the song, D'Angel via a telephone call confronts Markus about the accusations while a seemingly clueless Myrie denies any knowledge or involvement in the debacled plot.

Here are a few lines from the song : "Markus a wah dat mi see inna di front a di paper___ A wah dat yuh a tell people seh___ nuh mek mi start cuss.... A my life mi live di way mi wah live if mi pregnant a my prerogative___ come offa mi name oonu too negative___ Markus Myrie dem seh mi pregnant fah__ and di world dun know mi babyfada (followed by Beenie Man's signature chant... Oh! God)."

Still basking in his accomplishment of scoring a recent No.1 record, Markus is now focused on promoting his next project the Dead End Rhythm featuring the likes of Blak Ryno, Kaliba, Bounty Killer & Iyara, Ninja Kid, Masicka, Chan Dizzy among others.