Sunday, November 4, 2012

D'Angel Rumoured To Be Pregnant For Markus Myrie?

Former first lady of the Dancehall Michelle Downer better known as D'Angel has been rumoured to be carrying a child for red hot teen producer Markus Myrie.

The rumour first surfaced mid-October after the 'Stronger' singer was spotted on a popular television programme looking a little round in the mid-section. This sparked a whole waves of speculation as many tried to figure if the singer was actually pregnant again and whom the potential dad might be.

On Saturday, November 3, popular Jamaican gossip site '' published an article implying that the diva could be involved with the young producer. The article read, "mi ketch it ina mi mail box sehhhh angel ketch belly fi di 20 year old….dem seh buju son whey name mark dash on a breedment…anybaddie else hear dis but me?"

D'Angel, in an effort to quell the spiraling rumours took to the social media tweeting, "Still single not ready to middle noooooo peeps I'm not pregnant!!!! That dress i wore on fiwi choice just made me look"

Speaking with Markus he also dispelled the rumours citing them as false and baseless. "myself and D'Angel are in a relationship yes!___ one that is strictly business. No! she is not pregnant for me, nor is anyone else. She is an artiste__ i'm a producer so we do music together. I am not sure where this rumour started but I understand in this business people always looking something to gossip about."

Myrie, over the weekend scored his first No.1 for Bounty Killer & I-Octane's - Badmind Dem A Pree and is slated to release the much talked about 'Dead End Rhythm' ahead of the festive season.