Monday, November 5, 2012

Gay Rights Group To Protest Beenie Man U.S Concert

In an amateur video published earlier this year, Beenie Man expressed his stance on homosexuals addressing the constant flack he received from gay rights groups throughout his career. In that video, Beenie Man insisted that has no personal issues with homosexuals while asking the LGBT community to stop chiding him for songs he did in the early 90s criticizing their lifestyle.

However, the self-professed ‘King of the Dancehall’ seemingly hasn’t convinced all gay rights groups of his stance despite this very public plea. According to, the Queer Humboldt organization, based in northern California has indicated that they will protest his concert in the area tomorrow.

The group’s leader, Todd Larsen told that Beenie Man’s show at the Olive Grove in California may have as many protesters as supporters. Despite this protest, Larsen intimated that their initiative is not to stop Beenie’s concert, but educate others about tolerance.

"We are not trying to stop or block the concert. We are just trying to share love and to share education," Larsen told the website.

The Queer Humboldt organization, based in the Californian community of Humboldt County, and one of the most potent gay rights groups in the United States, have reportedly been working to educate the community of ‘murder music’ and its negative references to homosexuals in recent years. According to Larsen, lyrics from Dancehall artistes such as Beenie Man and Capleton have advocated for the killing of gays.

This isn’t the first time that Queer Humboldt has protested a Dancehall superstar’s stage show as they did so with incarcerated, Grammy-winning singjay, Buju Banton a number of years ago.