Sunday, December 30, 2012

JOP Deejay Aidonia Rubbishes Arrest Rumours

Lavarcam Lawrence the brother and manager of Dancehall artiste Aidonia is refuting claims that the deejay was arrested and charged after the was whisked away by police personnel following his performance at Sting.

Lav's response comes in the wake of attempts by naysayers to sully the 'Run Road' singer's character after several tweets and broadcasts were sent out saying Aidonia was arrested and charged for excessive use to profanity by the lawmen.

In an attempt to set the record straight Lav told Prism Marketing"Upon exiting the stage, the police surrounded the artiste and spoke to him for a few minutes, he was brought to the station. However, the artiste was not charged for any act."

This was later confirmed by Head of the St. Catherine South Police Division - Senior Superintendent Pinnock who said, "I heard that certain indecent language were used by him (Aidonia)... he was not charged based on the discretion of the police."

Aidonia, who recently scored a No.1 for 'Run Road' and now gearing up to shoot a bevy of new videos said  "I just wah big up ma fans them for coming out and support me at Sting, is a joy fi work fi mi people dem. I received many calls saying I was locked up and charged, but nothing like that."