Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tension Mounts, Tifa Responds To Lady Saw Interview

During a time in the Jamaican music industry when lyrical battles are typically at the fore, an all-out war seems on the verge of occurring amongst some of Dancehall’s leading divas.

On Tuesday, the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw fired the latest salvo in an ongoing war of words between herself and some of Dancehall’s lead female deejays; notably Tifa, Spice and Macka Diamond. The Heels On singer in a radio interview blasted her deejay compatriots.

When asked about her issues with Tifa, Lady Saw branded the Hold On singer as an ‘uptown Chihuahua.’ Additionally, when pressed about Macka Diamond, Lady Saw called her ‘Muma Donkey’ before turning her attention to Spice, saying “When Laing dun pay her a STING, all she can pay for a the suit.”

Later Tuesday afternoon, Tifa tweeted Lady Saw’s comments on her official Twitter page, sparking strong reactions from her fans. This led the Matie Wine singer, who recently fell out with Lady Saw after a series of disagreements, to vent her frustrations with the Queen of Dancehall’s actions.

“As Queen, you should be sitting on your throne comfortably! You are a big woman! & new found CHRISTIAN u should not be warring with the others,” Tifa tweeted to Lady Saw.

She continued, “What example are you setting for those present & all other upcoming artistes, especially females? Lady saw by degrading us?” before stating, “If this is what a "Queen" is supposed to be, I'd never want to be one, I'd never want to be you.”

Tifa also rubbished rumors that she tried to steal Lady Saw’s boyfriend of 17 years and famed producer, Lloyd ‘John John’ James while insisting she stops with her borage of publicity stunts.

“U & I both know that I not take ur man! No offense! But He's not my type! & will never be! This rumor/publicity stunt needs to end,” she said. “Lady Saw you are the queen of dancehall & icon! & no one can take that away from you! For that I respect you! But today was shameful.”

As for the aforementioned Macka Diamond and Spice, they seem to be pre-occupied in their own issues as the two artistes have landed verbal jabs against each other in recent days. Whether any of these confrontations will be settled remains to be seen. But until that happens, perhaps Tifa’s blunt assessments regarding the recent events involving female entertainers sums it up.

“We have been reduced to this! A bunch of headless chickens arguing for no reason & continuing to kill an already dying industry,” she tweeted. “It’s a shame it came to this. We could have all worked together to build the female force in dancehall to take females in the industry higher.”