Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bounty Killer Warns Beenie Man About Name Calling

Following last weeks' 'On Stage' television interview where Bounty Killer addressed several topical issues including the ongoing tension with Tommy Lee Sparta; his 2-hour performance at Hennessy Artistry; and Beenie Man's apology to the gay community. It appears the cross-angry deejay has ruffled some more feathers.

After getting wind of the interview, fellow entertainer Beenie Man has weighed in on the situation via the locally televised 'Entertainment Report' stating that,

"Little boy pants cannot fit big man." regarding Tommy Lee Sparta confrontation with Bounty. The full interview will be aired this Friday at 9:00pm.

Meanwhile, the Alliance leader who has been at odds with the Dancehall doctor for almost two decades has once again taken to his twitter account to warn the 'Dweet Again' singer to refrain from calling his name in the aforementioned interview. In his tweet Bounty stated, 

"Mi know the flying fish woulda must run go do interview 2 but him can't conduct a good interview from morning ppl simple him better nuh call mi name!!!.

Neither Beenie Man nor Bounty Killer is booked to appear at this years' staging of Sting, this after Bounty Killer who was initially contracted rescinded on his agreement following disparaging remarks by co-promoter Isaiah Laing.