Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Teflon NOT Arrested, Artiste Rubbishes Claim

Following an incident over the weekend where a motor vehicle occupied by members of Reggae singer Teflon’s promotional team was stopped by Police personnel, rumours have begun surfacing that the entertainer has been arrested.

According to the tittle-tattle which originated via a Blackberry message, on Sunday afternoon Teflon and three men were stopped, searched and arrested by the lawmen on the Hellshire Main Road. However a representative from ‘Yard A Love’ the artiste’s management company vehemently denied the rumours rubbishing them as false and malicious.

“I am not sure where this rumour started or who is the perpetrator but Teflon was NEVER stopped nor arrested by the authorities at any point over the weekend. Why are people so wicked and vicious spreading false propaganda, what do they intend to gain from this.” 

According to Yard A Love, during the supposed time of the incident Teflon was at home with his family and nowhere near the vicinity of the aforementioned. However, they did admit receiving a phone call from a member of the camp about being stopped by the authorities but it was only part of a routine spot-check being conducted in the area on all motorist. Subsequent to the inspection NO ONE was detained or arrested.

When asked about the alleged incident a seemingly surprise Teflon added, “this is news to I and I, the ones them that doing these things need to try and find more productive and uplifting ways to occupy themselves. Look how much land out there. Why them nuh try some farming or do something that can contribute positively to the nation, this is what happens when society have too much idle hands and idle minds.”

Ironically it was only weeks earlier that Teflon performed for hundreds of recruits at the Twickenham Park Police Academy in St. Catherine where he delivered a fiery set as the special guest artiste at the gathering.

Meanwhile, after inking an international distribution deal with U.S based company New Millionaire Entertainment (NME) out of Delaware, Teflon is now gearing up to release a video for I’m Sure. The aesthetically pleasing visuals were shot by IceyJace Film Factory. The Rastafarian singer is also working on a number of tracks for his upcoming album titled Next Dimension slated for release later this year. Other releases will include In The Middle and Mama Kept Me Warm produced by Socialyaad Records and Deadline Recordz respectively.

Teflon’s deal with New Millionaire Entertainment will see them becoming the exclusive agent handling both digital and physical distribution along with his marketing throughout the world for downloadable, mobile and video contents. The dissemination will be done in conjunction with Universal Records.