Friday, April 17, 2015

Homosexuals & Straight Men Fight in Half-Way-Tree

People were sent scampering at a plaza in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, on Wednesday when a vicious brawl broke out between several homosexual males and a group of other men.

Information reaching the media is that shortly after midday, shoppers, storeowners and bystanders had to run for cover after the altercation began in a wholesale establishment where unsuspecting shoppers were conducting business.

The exact cause of the brawl was not ascertained, but investigations revealed that it may have started after one of the gay men was accused of stealing a cellular phone from a car at the plaza.

"Somebody go tell the loader man dem say the youth dem deh inna di wholesale ... then dem come round here and it start. A bare knife and other instruments draw! I have never seen anything like this," a storeowner told the media

Social media was also sent into a frenzy as persons who were at the scene posted episodes of what transpired, igniting further curiosity of persons seeking to know more.

One Facebook user posted, in relation to the brawl: "A piece a war a while ago over .... wid d straight man dem an' d gay - pure knife! No sah!."

Another user posted: "U know I was there when it started ... D loader men beat up one and took away his phone, and you know, someone there predict there will be war, smh."

When the media visited the area yesterday, the hot topic on most person's lips was the gay-men-versus-straight-men brawl.

Some were reluctant to speak with the media, while some held nothing back.

A male who works on the plaza said, "Nuff people did frighten because a bare weapon. The man dem did haffi run weh di bwoy (gays) dem. Dem get some lick and run outa town. We nuh see dem come back."

When our news team contacted the St Andrew Central police, a senior officer confirmed that there was an incident at the plaza, resulting in the police being summoned to the area by a store owner.