Friday, April 17, 2015

Ricky Trooper & Wessy Wessy Fight at All-Star Thursday

On Thursday night patrons leaving the popular weekly event All-Star Thursdays held in the Tower Hill community was treated a little more than the usual entertainment package after following the proceedings an argument developed between popular sound system selectors Wessy Wessy of Swatch International and veteran jock Ricky Trooper.

It's still unclear as to what started the argument but according to eyewitness reports the heated exchange quickly escalated into a physical confrontation resulting in several punches being thrown by both parties however a seemingly charged Wessy Wessy was quickly restrained by onlookers allowing Trooper to exit the venue and driving off in his motorcar.

According to some onlookers Ricky Trooper's boisterous behaviour stemmed from him being overly intoxicated resulting in the minor verbal exchange becoming physical.

Speaking with Wessy Wessy he said, "There was no real altercation, me and Trooper always have our disagreements over the years but last night him drunk and him throw a wild punch.. the people dem see what happen and grab onto me and say mi must mek him gwaan because him drunk... and him walk go inna him car and drive off..  Anu nothing more than dat... So all who a seh mi get beat up and one bagga tings nuh badda spread dem rumour deh because ah nuh nothing like that. Furthermore mi would a wicked fi beat up a drunk man."

Efforts to reach Ricky Trooper for a comment proved futile.

Meanwhile, Wessy Wessy is currently promoting his new single with Dancehall star Demarco titled 'Instruction'. The two are expected to shoot a video for the single this weekend.