Monday, July 6, 2015

Busy Signal Blames Former Manager & Issues Statement Regarding Trinidad Arrest

Entertainer Busy Signal who was  arrested over the weekend, before his performance at the Queen's Park Savannah in Trinidad and Tobago, has released a statement on the issue.

Busy was reportedly arrested  in order to retrieve the sum of U$37,088, allegedly paid to him by promoters Peppers Entertainment Limited to perform  at an event which was eventually cancelled.

However, in a statement sent to the offices of 876ENT, Busy Signal says he was unaware of this financial debt because his former manager would have entered into business relations on his behalf as the agent which usually handles his financial affairs.

Busy Signal: "I had no knowledge of apparent infraction with T&T Promoter"

The statement further says that apparently, a contractual agreement was made between Juke Boxx Productions and Peppers Entertainment limited for an event slated on May 31, 2013. 
However the aforementioned advance payment of US$37,088 was not disclose to the artiste. 

Busy said in the statement, that he had no material knowledge whatsoever of this apparent infraction, as he and his former manager had parted company for some time.

Busy Signal's company, 'Turf Music Entertainment'  is now requesting a copy of the original contractual agreement and all transaction regarding this matter between Juke Boxx Productions and Peppers Entertainment limited for clarity.

Defence Attorney Fareed Ali represented Busy Signal at the weekend in Trinidad. A consent order was reportedly entered along with a payment of US$15,000 and the artiste was discharged.