Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reggae Artiste Mom Dies Of Cancer, Singer Deeply Saddened

Jamaican-born Reggae singer Jim Kelly is still trying to grapple with the reality of his loss following the death of his beloved mother last week.

Hailing from Christiana, Manchester the singer laments that he is deeply saddened by the passing of his mother whom he considers to be a tower of strength in his life. Kelly, now based in Canada says his mother Ms. Evelyn Hosang has been ailing with cancer for sometime and unfortunately succumbed to her illness last Wednesday, July 1 despite extensive medical treatment.

Currently in the island doing a promotional stint for his new single 'On and On' remix featuring dancehall artiste Kalado the singer admits he will still have to continue pushing forward despite the void in his life, as it is what his mother would want him to do.

Though not yet a household name, Jim Kelly certainly is no stranger to the Jamaican music scene the young crooner has been dabbling into the local art  form since 2009 working in the production sector alongside music stalwarts such as Ward 21 and Mark Pinnock of Natural Bridge; both credited with piloting the careers of Mr. Peppa and Konshens respectively.

During his stint as a producer Jim has worked with a cadre of local talents under his own Board House Music imprint, among them fast rising Dancehaller Kalado whom he eventually signed in 2010 and begun managing his career in a three year partnership.  However simply being a producer/manager did not quell his musical desires as he wanted to make an even greater contribution to the industry, hence the quest to become an artiste.

Now under the musical tutelage of Triple Dose Productions his management company the dreadlock singer believes they will be able to steer him on the right path to achieving his lifelong dream. Triple Dose Productions is also responsible for the career of Dancehall entertainer Jah Vinci.