Sunday, July 19, 2015

Did Danielle Disrespect Ishawna's Sumfest Outfit? .. Fans React!!!

Following the appearance of controversial dancehall artiste Ishawna on Reggae Sumfest's Dancehall Night speculations are that fellow female artiste, Danielle  Isaacs, got a little jealous of all the attention Ishawna was receiving for her outfit and decided to post a throwback photo of herself rocking a similar outfit at a previous engagement.

Isaacs more popularly known by her stage name D.I.,  shared a photo of herself rocking a  sheer bodysuit similar to the one in which Ishawna wore on Thursday night at Reggae Sumfest in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay.

D.I. captioned the photo, “Don't Act Like You Forgot......” and included the hash-tag# #DrippinSwarovski.

Users on social media could feel the “shade” through the screen with many saying they had no idea that Ishawna and Danielle were competing.

Some used the opportunity to throw shade at the 'Rebel' singer for throwing shade at Ishawna, "U a gwan like a u invent it, Girl go sit ur ass down an try to get a hit song kmt"

While others were in defence of D.I stating, "Ishawna don't have half of the talent that DI have an that's facts. If u felt Ishawna wear it better then you should have just said that and keep your other opinion to yourself"

What do you make of the situation was Danielle throwing shade at Ishawna or are people just overreacting?