Monday, October 26, 2015

Dancehall Artiste RAYTID Denies 'Skin Bleaching' Allegations

Dancehall artiste Raytid who shot to prominence earlier this year with the female dance anthem 'Blah Daff' has denied engaging in the current trend of Skin Bleaching. 

The artiste has come under heavy criticism from fans and members of the wider entertainment fraternity after he was spotted performing at a popular uptown event donning a very pale complexion. 

When quizzed he vehemently denied the practice and attributes his lightened complexion to him always being inside the air conditioned studio and out of the direct sunlight. 

"Everywhere me go people ah ask the same question so let me just say ... No I am not bleaching a just because me live a studio and me nuh too go outside in the daytime so me skin have this new tone... yeah an a use a likkle cake soap too... laugh." - He added

However, some fans are not convinced and are of the view the deejay would have to be using some sort of chemical based product to achieve his current skin tone.

According to one female on a popular social media site, "Mi know Raytid long time and me never see him look so brown yet .. so me want know is what him do fi reach this new tone him look like Worl Boss 3.0."

Raytid recently shot to international stardom after he was featured on the Instagram accounts of Amercian hip hop stars Snoop Dogg and Jermaine Dupri for the crazed dance move 'Blah Daff' created by Sher Rumbaar and Shelly Belly.

The artiste is currently promoting the single 'Dutty Shake' and 'My Day' the latter produced by TJ Records on the Tears Of Joy Riddim.