Monday, October 26, 2015

Maestro Don Warns Devin Di Dakta & Masicka To "Approach With Caution and Know Oonuself"

Fast rhyming Dancehall lyricist and Waterford native Maestro Don in a recent interview with Nightly Fix aired on Newstalk 93FM had a stern warning for his nemesis among them Devin Di Dakta and Masicka both accused of taking a series of lyrical shots at him.

When quizzed about the situation Maestro Don explained that though he is not a war monger he had some advise for the two and any others artiste who may be conjuring intent of a lyrical challenge, 
"Me ready for anything... them need to approach with caution and know oonuself" 

One of the most potent new generation of Dancehall lyricist Maestro Don said the situation was brought to his attention by the producer of the Ghost Town Riddim who told him 'Devin Di Dakta' was dissing him on the track. He said he never paid it any attention because they never directly called his name. However, he would advise the Magnum Kings & Queen winner and Masicka to avoid what could become the inevitable demise of their career.

The 'Grateful' singer also used the opportunity to talk about several other topical issues including his rumoured skirmish with Gully Bop, taking the reign on his career following the recent split with Warrior Chief Productions and why industry players aren't creating enough opportunities for emerging talents in the business.

Before exiting he also drop a venomous freestyle toasted over the instrumental for Drake's 'Hotline Bling'.