Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Dem Always Fighting, Even On The Plane" Says Former Manager About Gully Bop & Chin

After opening the first major platform to Gully Bop at Sting 2014 in an effort to solidify the viral sensation as a true recording artiste and performer, former manager Heavy-D and popular emcee Nuffy was blasted earlier this year when they said the couple wouldn't last.

However, today, MC Nuffy is able to say he knew it, "I did predict it was going to happen because this is something I know about. Jamaican people hard fi believe inna certain things and they will think you a liar," he said

Nuffy who refused to speak too much on the situation says, the feud between Bop and Chin was forthcoming as they were both dishonest. 

"Both of them keep lying to each other every minute. They lying about the bank book, they lying about the money, they lying about everything with each other, it nah change," the frank emcee disclosed.

And the fighting between Bop and Chin is nothing new. Bop's former booking agent Heavy D, told the media that Bop and Chin have been fighting since they first met.

"They fight every where in the world that I go with them. They fight every single day. Me and dem go Europe and dem fight inna every country we go a Europe. Dem fight a Barbados, St Lucia, dem all fight pon di plane," he said.

"All the while Gully Bop beat up Chin. Me neva see two people fight so much, dem a mussi boxer," he added.

While Heavy D explained that he would not take a side because they are both at fault, he does not believe some of Bop's claims about Chin.

"Me no say Chin no have man but a lie Gully Bop a tell bout she carry man a di house. Where dem live, dat can't happen. How it set up, that can't happen plus the people there would not allow it to happen," he explained.

"Me nah pick up fi Chin cause di two a dem a wicked but me no believe dat," he added.