Thursday, February 19, 2015

Yendi Phillips To Leave TVJ Smile Jamaica

Former Miss Jamaica Universe and media personality Yendi Phillipps announced on TVJ's Smile Jamaica yesterday that she will be leaving the morning programme early next month.

Phillipps, who has been co-host of the morning show for a few years, made the announcement following the last segment of the show, called Off the Shelf.

Her last day will be on March 3.

"Don't cry for me Argentina..." she sang, while placing her co-host Neville Bell's head on her shoulder.

"I know that she would be making the announcement, but I did not watch Smile this (yesterday) morning," said the station's general manager Claire Grant.

It is unclear who will replace Phillipps or what her next move will be. However, rumours have swirled that she has a stint in Canada lined up.

Following the former beauty queen's announcement, persons took to social media to express sadness at the news.

"What is this I am hearing, Yendi leaving Smile Jamaica, nooo way Am gonna miss u a lot," said Twitter user Cheryl Johnson.

"OMG, why, why plz don't go. What am I going to do without you in di mornings, mi stop watch TV now," tweeted another user, Monifa Moni. Yet another user, Shelley Anne, tweeted, "nooooooooo, you can't leave, where are you going".

Phillipps continues to be a role model to a number of young females. In 2011, she established a foundation to help the fight against cervical cancer.