Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kaci Fennel Carnival Photo Draws Harsh Criticism Online

A few weeks ago it was former Miss World, Lisa Hanna who sparked major controversy online after a photo was posted of her strolling on the beach in a swimwear. It even got members of the theological society penning articles about her with much disdain. 

Now a few weeks later apparently the critics are at it again this time they have taken aim at the current Miss Jamaica Universe Kaci Fennel who has been receiving backlash from some members of the public especially on social media for her attire at the recently concluded 2015 staging of the Trinidad Carnival.

Decked in a black combative type swimwear with blacks knee-high boots and a hat some were of the view that her attire was highly inappropriate and not befitting that of a beauty queen and someone of her current stature as an ambassador for Jamaica. However what many failed to realize that the attire in question was not her actual costume but was merely one of her pre-carnival outfit.

Ironically a lot of people have also rush to her defense stating that it's carnival and people need to relax as if they expected her to wear an evening gown to the event. 

Another stated "why people so fool.. them love to criticize everything! what they want her to do is not like she is nude and if she was doing a shoot for one of those big modelling agencies chances are she would be wearing even less. People just need to relax and stop make everything bother them."

Kaci or her team has yet to response to any of the criticism being hurled her way. Fennel was the 4th runner-up in the recently held Miss Universe Pageant held in Doral, Miami.