Friday, December 11, 2015

Usain Bolt Pays Disc Jock To Only Play Vybz Kartel Music, Sprinter Upsets Radio Jock [WATCH VIDEO]

International sprint superstar and World Record holder Usain Bolt has once again been thrust into the spotlight but not for his sprinting abilities instead it's for his musical choices.

Bolt, a known Gaza-advocate has again found himself in the hot seat, this time after a video of the world’s fastest man surfaced online, showing the occasional disc jock/frequent party-goer paying selectors to play only ‘Gaza songs’, during a segment at a recent party.

Bolt, a patron at a recent staging of Uptown Mondayz, once again showed his support for the Vybz Kartel’s Gaza Empire when he took the microphone and led his own set at the session.

Usain Bolt instructed the disc jocks at the event to play only songs from the “Gaza boss,” Vybz Kartel, and after they hesitated, he proceeded to issue Jamaican $1,000 notes to help persuade them.

A weh yuh wah mi do, pay yuh?” he said before throwing the notes on top the turntables. The selectors then gave in to Bolt’s request, playing a number of Kartel’s songs, including “Which League” to which Bolt sang along.

According to information gathered it understood that popular radio personality DJ Sunshine is now furious at the track star as he’s reportedly trying to stop the success of “Champion Boy,” a new Alkaline diss track aimed at Vybz Kartel and Usain Bolt on the ‘Fire Starta Riddim” produced by her Yellow Moon Record label.