Monday, January 2, 2017

Woman Beaten For Cheating On Lover With Dancehall Artiste Laden [SEE PHOTO]

Following the recent revocation of his U.S. work permit Dancehall artiste Laden is once again being thrust into the media spotlight after it was revealed that a woman was beaten by her lover for allegedly cheating on him with the entertainer.

The incident which occurred recently sees the woman pleading to the "Time To Shine" deejay stating,

"I can't do this with u anymore ... sorry Laden the year just start" to which the artiste responded, "weh yuh a talk bout" she replied "him beat me again .. suh me have to stop see u"

Ironically this incident comes in the wake of a spate of Jamaican women being domestically abused with many of the encounters ending fatally. The majority of incidents have been cited as 'crimes of passion'. 

In December 2016 alone, more than ten females died as a result of violent attacks from their spouses.

The latest episode occurred in Arcadia district, St. Thomas, where nineteen-year-old Tashoy Barrett was found dead with her throat slashed at home,  her boyfriend is believed to be behind the attack.